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Spider veins – what it is and how to handle it?


Often we can encounter such unpleasant phenomenon as spider veins. They look unattractive, but because they are often want to get rid of as soon as possible. But first it makes sense to understand what is this problem and what is the nature of its origin.

What is it?

Spider veins, which in scientific language are called teleangiectasie is the dilation of blood vascular, usually capillaries. Statistics says that in varying degrees this problem has 90% of the adult population of the planet, only it is not always expressed as clearly.


The problem appears when there is a local expansion of blood vascular. After that, the blood vascular become visible, at the point the extension becomes visible in the characteristic mesh.

Often find spider veins on the face especially on the cheeks and nose wings. Also they are common on the legs. They occur in the stomach, but, for obvious reasons, in the latter case, they almost never pay attention.

Many people, especially men, and I used to pay attention to this problem, but this is not the correct approach, because its occurrence is a characteristic sign that the body is not all right that perhaps it has deviation. So spider veins is a disease that should not be ignored. But even if the special problems of the organism are not available, from an aesthetic point of view, these sprockets can greatly impair the appearance, especially when manifested by girls.


проявление сосудистых звёздочек

There are several different types of spider veins. First, the type of vascular that form a "mesh":

  • blood;
  • venous;
  • capillary.

A classification and appearance.

They are divided into:

  • the tree (with a branching structure similar to a tree);
  • arachnids (radiating in all directions, like a spider or a snowflake);
  • linear, without branching);
  • point.

It is important to remember that, no matter how looked these stars, they are still treated and removed in the same way.


The main reason for the appearance of spider veins, usually are the hormones, therefore, to provoke their appearance can any problems and the factors that somehow affect the hormonal background of a person. These causes and factors may include:

  • abortion;
  • pregnancy;
  • ovarian cysts;
  • menopause;
  • fibroids.

Alsoto provoke the emergence of such changes of the body can incorrectly selected contraceptive substances, so you should be sure to consult with your doctor before choosing such a drug for use.

лечение сосудистых звёздочек

However, sometimes the disease may be congenital. If any of your relatives have already suffered from such problems, there is a strong likelihood that you have it will eventually manifest. The problem can cause disease of intestines and liver, improper diet or poor blood circulation in the body.

These veins can occur due to venous insufficiency, it is one of the most characteristic effects of the disease, but very often, even when people have chronic varicose veins, no vascular veins is not formed, so that the relationship in this case is not very strong.

On the feet

When spider veins occur on the legs, this has its own specific reasons - the main one - is the increased load on the legs. If you do standing work, then it is likely that this problem will manifest over time. If you wear high-heeled shoes, the appearance of this problem will almost certainly happen.

On the face

There are specific causes of spider veins on the face. In addition to the typical reasons listed above, it may be too long exposure to the sun, dysbacteriosis, problems with the endocrine system or blood vascular, chronic constipation and so on. Although theoretically these problems can cause symptoms of this disease and legs.


As the disease manifests itself visually after dilatation/other vascular the best prevention would be to strengthen their walls. This is best done by eating the proper vitamins:

  • Vitamin C - it helps to form collagen that strengthens weakened capillaries.
  • Vitamin K - it helps to strengthen the walls of blood vascular.
  • Vitamin e - it reduces the fragility of capillaries, increasing their resistance to various external factors.

The constant use of these three vitamins in the composition of your diet will prevent the appearance of spider veins. Contain these vitamins could, for example, sweet cherry or cherry. Another option is prune juice, which not only contains large amounts of the above vitamins, but is also an antioxidant and helps enhance the elasticity of blood vascular. The good and the cabbage juice, but if he doesn't seem very tasty, it can be mixed with carrot.

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Another method of prevention is daily wearing specialized compression tights and the regular foot massage.


If the skin began to appear similar defects, as a rule, people begin treatment with folk methods. When the problem manifested itself on the legs, the feet begin during the day to arrange regular rest, periodically sitting down with raised feet. He also exercises while the person is, for example, he rises on his toes and moving fingers. It is also recommended to raise your bed at the feet, and after waking up to actively move the fingers and feet.

When the problem showed itself on the face, apply the aloe juice. A piece of aloe Vera kept in the fridge for a few days. Then it is cut and smeared them problematic part of the face, clipping effect nourishing cream, which is applied on top of the aloe juice.

The alternative may be the attitude of parsley and milk parsley pour boiling water, infused for twenty minutes, in equal proportions, poured milk, and then during the day when using this infusion make compresses for thirty minutes - this should significantly reduce the problem.

There are other traditional methods of treatment. For example, you can take some flowers, yarrow, grind them, add to them the lemon juice, honey, egg yolk and cream, then pour boiling water and infuse. Then stir in the infusion of a spoonful of starch and sour cream and apply on the skin regularly, keep some time and rinse - so you need to do in the course of a week or more.

Baths of calendula and chamomile will help to cope with spider veins on the legs. The mixture of colors just pour a liter of hot water and wait until it cools down, but will not cool. Then it is poured into a vessel where you can put the legs and keep there feet until the infusion will not cool (periodically you can add warm water).

Decoction of chamomile and oak bark is another alternative. Made a half-hour (but not more) baths during the week, every day. The basis baths - half Cup of chamomile, a few tablespoons of oak bark, which is brewed separately and then mixed. A good method to combat disease in the legs.

Finally, traditional methods are considered to be packs of green tomatoes or cabbage leaves - they are applied to the problem place for a few minutes, then are they substances are beginning to act. Instead these plants, you can use normal vinegar, but this option is suitable only for the feet toface it is not very safe.

After each of the above methods of treatment to apply the cream, otherwise the burns and redness can be even tomato juice.


The main method of removing spider veins on the legs and on the face is laser therapy. When you resort to such therapy, then you can be sure that the grid on the place where it was removed the problem no longer appears.

When the removal of these veins on the legs, you should be careful, because they often intersect with varicose grids. Not to create new problems, you must first conduct detailed analysis and to choose the correct number of procedures.

There are other methods of removing this defect. Electrocoagulation consists in cauterization using high frequency electrical current, which flows through a thin electrode. This is a very fast and effective method, which, however, may cause burn on the skin can produce scars or fade the pigmentation on some of its sites.

Radiowave surgery is a painless and non-invasive dissection of tissue and further coagulation. The consequences of this method did not actually happen, but it is suitable only for removing single small capillaries, something more with it, is impossible to achieve.

Ozone therapy. The basis is a special ozone mixture is injected into the skin through injection. Further, in the body there are certain biochemical processes that destroy blood vascular. The method does not cause burns, scarring or any other skin blemishes.

Sclerotherapy lies in the fact that the walls of the channel of the affected vessel is simply glued with a special drug called sclerosants. It is the swelling and redness. Further on the problem areas apply a compress that closes the walls of the channel of the blood vascular, which stops blood flow. Usually sclerotherapy is focused on the elimination of spider veins on the face.

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