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What to do if in the eye burst vessel


Eyes it's what we notice first when we see the person. Therefore, any visual defects of the eye become visible in the first place. One of the common problems are a ruptured blood vascular. People are often afraid of such a phenomenon, they think that something worse happened, they don't understand when burst vessel in eye what to do.

Don't panic if your eyes are red!

Also, the cause may be problems with blood pressure, and increased fragility of the blood vascular in the eye. If the vascular inherent increased fragility, there is no guarantee that the problem will not occur again, and this may not be too good for your eyes.


The actions that must be accomplished, if the eye has burst a vessel is directly dependent on what the reason caused this problem. If the cause is a disease, you must consult a qualified doctor to prescribe a course of treatment. Will disappear as soon as the initial problem, stop and burst blood vascular.

If the problem is in the regular load - for example, if you work at the computer, then gradually start to reduce this burden, making big breaks, unloading the eye maximum. To a single "calm" eye you can get them the drug "visine" or similar, for example, "Defiles". Various drops for constriction of the blood vascular will not help, they will only lead to the appearance of spots on the eyeball.

In most cases, you don't need to take any special measures because the problem takes place without any intervention, resolve little bleeding fast enough, as, for example, bruises on the body.

Moreover, the mechanisms of these two phenomena approximately similar. If you want to speed up the process of absorption, you can begin to take absolutely harmless ascorbic acid. Any more serious drugs can be taken only after prior consultation of an experienced physician.

Folk remedies in theory can be effective, but to apply them, it is important to understand how they work, and not try to assume, what to do if in the eye burst vessel intuitively. An example is the widespread belief that to help the rapid resorption of hemorrhages may rinsing tea because it helps with conjunctivitis, and people expecting a similar effect with the bursting of the vascular. But in fact, the effect may be reverse - flushing tea only gonna get infected and this will lead tothe appearance of conjunctivitis.


The appearance of such a hematoma over one eye you can prevent or at least reduce the probability of its occurrence. One of the simplest methods is to change your diet. Strive to consume as a lot of citrus fruits, which are good because they contain rutin and vitamin C, as well as other products with these components, for example, peppers. How can you drink less coffee and alcohol, and less smoke, to maintain their pressure.

капать в глаз

Drops in the eye, a great tool to prevent redness

Ration mode at a computer, making the workout for the eyes at least every twenty-five minutes. During walks try to protect their eyes from dust, sand and other foreign bodies.

Also, do not allow too sharp streams of wind. Try to wash mostly with cold water, it helps to improve blood circulation in your tissues.

But when blood vascular burst regularly, you should not attempt to continue such a simple prevention you need to apply directly to the doctor.

An experienced ophthalmologist will help you deal with the problem, to understand what to do if in the eye burst blood vascular, and prevent the potential harm that can be done to your eyes.

Remember that if bleeding in the eye occurred due to the cause of the disease, then there is nothing stopping him to occur in any other organ, so be careful when it comes to your health.