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How to choose pills to expand the blood vessels of the brain


Numerous organs and body tissues are permeated by blood vascular, which continuously circulates blood. Thanks to its continuous movement, are the main processes in the body - gas exchange, heat transfer, providing the nutrients and valuable products of their metabolism.


Every organ has its own regional circulatory system, with special characteristics and individual physiology. The human brain is permeated with blood vascular.

From a stable supply of blood to the brain depend not only its own functions but also the health of the nervous system, as well as hearing, vision, speech activity.

The use of vasodilating drugs to the brain allows for long years to preserve its activity and helps to overcome many diseases.

Calcium antagonists, or calcium channel blockers

Tested and widely known drugs that increase the lumen of blood vascular, in particular, and in the tissues of the brain - aminophylline and papaverine. In the middle of the last century, these drugs were the main helpers of patients with vascular problems. They can be attributed to the predecessors of representatives of the major groups of drugs called "calcium antagonists".

The most studied representatives of this group, verapamil and nifedipine. They are the prototypes for other, more sophisticated drugs developed. Nifedipine is characterized by a predominant effect on the brain vascular is the active substance known of generic drugs, among which adalat, kordafen, cordaflex, corinfar.

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Patients with impaired blood supply to the brain in combination with high blood pressure is prescribed a course of reception of such means. Nifedipine is taken orally, orally, in a pill form. What is its effect on blood flow?

Calcium ions are involved in reduction processes of the muscle cells of the body, including cells of brain vascular. The excessive increase in the concentration of ions is observed in ischemic tissues, the lack of oxygen. There is a vicious circle.

On the one hand, the tissues suffer from hypoxia, on the other - an intensive transport of calcium ions into tissues through special channels in the membranes of cells works to increased metabolism and increased demand of tissues in oxygen. Spasms that impede blood flow.

Calcium antagonists block channels transfer relaxes the smooth muscles of the blood vascular of the brain that suffer most from the failure to provide oxygen. Concomitant drug effect is the reductionblood viscosity, which leads to the improvement of the rheological characteristics and acceleration of the movement in the vascular.

The calcium antagonists include Cinnarizine or stugeron. Its action is associated with a reduced penetration into the cell of ions of this element, but the therapeutic effect is due not only to this feature of the drug.

Cinnarizine can be attributed to the group of nootropics, stimulants of brain activity. This vasodilatory effect is among the positive consequences of receiving nootropic drugs. The first drug of this group is piracetam, have another name - nootropil.

Piracetam was synthesized in 1963 and has been successfully applied to this day because it has a wide range of indications related to treatment and prevention of disorders of the brain. Nootropics can remove strong spasms of blood vascular, improve the course of metabolic processes, preclude the aging of cells and loss of mental activity in old age.


The effect of the expansion of tense, narrowed, and spastic vascular is called vasodilation. A drug that relieves the symptoms of spasm and widening of the vascular lumen, known as vasodilators. Modern vasodilating drugs to the brain can improve not only the arteries but also the small capillaries, blood supply is necessary for the activities of the most important organ of the body.

One of the most accessible and widely used drugs in this direction is nicotinic acid or vitamin PP, and a derivative drug - ksantinola nicotinate. They apply to vascular in the whole body, including the brain, causing them to expand and accelerate blood circulation.

The effect is so strong that there is an evident skin reddening and burning sensation on the mucous membranes. The drug is used in the form of tablets, injections and infusions.

The course of treatment lasts from 10 to 20 days, during which stabiliziruemost vascular tone, increases elasticity of the walls decreases the risk of blood clots.

Cerebral vasodilators focused on the brain vascular.

These include pentoxifylline and its known analogs - trental and agapurin. Under the action of pentoxifylline occurs vasodilatation of the brain against the improvement of microcirculation and utilization of oxygen to tissues. Concomitant treatment reduction of platelet aggregation should be monitored by a doctor to a patient are not at risk of bleeding.

Among cerebral vasodilatorsrefers to another famous drug Vinpocetine, its counterpart known as Cavinton. The beneficial effects of Vinpocetine on blood vascular due to the action of plant Vinca alkaloid, facilitating the movement of blood and stabilizing the vascular lumen.

The drug is gently the number of contraindications is small. The prolonged use of Vinpocetine in tablet form.

Drugs based on natural extracts

Speaking of vasodilator drugs for the brain, not to mention popular products based on extract of the relict plant Ginkgo biloba. Tanakan, bilobil, megaplant - most famous among them.

Glycosides from the leaves and seeds of the plant have an antioxidant effect on the blood vascular, improve the circulation system. Recovery of the brain with Ginkgo biloba shown not only in curative but also for preventive purposes. Improve blood circulation, increase the brain's ability to assimilate essential nutrients is evident shortly after starting the medication.

What to choose

To guarantee the effect of treatment should be choose patented drugs that produce a solid pharmaceutical firms. The content of active substance in them is strictly regulated.

The need to maintain the health of the brain can occur at any age. Even young people, giving a lot of time studying or mental work, need to prevent circulatory disorders. Older, this need becomes vital. Timely medication that expands the blood vascular of the brain, will help to keep a clear and alert mind and high working capacity for years to come.

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