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How to clean blood vessels of the brain


Headaches, increased blood pressure, memory loss, even in fairly young people, dizziness phenomenon is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous because they often indicate the presence on the walls of blood vascular deposits of cholesterol and narrowing of the lumen of the vascular, which significantly increases the risk of developing ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke.

To help cope with them cleaning the blood vascular of the brain - a complex medical or home treatments aimed at getting rid of plaque and improving cerebral circulation.

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The mechanism of purification of blood vascular

Medical and folk remedies used to cleanse vascular, are designed to reduce concentration in the blood of harmful cholesterol (LDL), a substance that is deposited on artery walls in the form of dense plaques. These tools also perform a different task, they dissolve atherosclerotic plaque, thereby increasing the lumen of the vascular.

The result of cleaning the blood vascular of the brain becomes the improvement of cerebral circulation and restore elasticity of the vascular walls, which ultimately affects the General health of patients:

  • Lost dizziness and headaches;
  • Is easier to control blood pressure;
  • Disappear memory problems.

There was also a decline in weather sensitivity.

Medical methods of cleaning the blood vascular of the brain

Clear the blood vascular of the brain by using special procedures in the clinic or by regular intake of prescribed drugs.

Insist night in a container made of dark glass, after which the mixture is considered ready for use. You should eat a tablespoon four times a day thirty minutes before meals. The above mixture is prepared at once. Subsequent batches prepared daily and taken during the month.

A decoction of the leaves of the hornbeam

Cleansing of cerebral vascular folk remedies can be carried out with the help of the flowers of hornbeam. The disadvantage of this method lies in the seasonality and relative rarity with which this tree is found in a particular locality.

If you have the opportunity to produce flowers of hornbeam, every day we need to brew them a tablespoon in a Cup of boiling water and drink half the quantity three times a day before meals. The course of purification of vascular flowers of hornbeam may be up to six weeks.

We can't forget about diet - proper diet significantly improves the effect of cleansing the blood vascular of the brain.

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