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The narrowing of the blood vessels of the brain


Many people experience frequent and often unbearable headaches, accompanied by dizziness. Some people experience memory loss when you cannot remember where on some object. The patient thinks he is just overtired at work or he had multiple sclerosis.

But this condition often causes narrowing of the blood vascular of the brain, which is called atherosclerosis.

The mechanism of occurrence of the disease

Vasoconstriction occurs due to deposits of cholesterol on walls of arteries, which provide blood to the brain. Between the walls of the vascular decreases the clearance as a result of reduced bandwidth vascular. The brain begins to receive much less blood, becomes much worse as its supply with oxygen and other essential brain nutrients. This condition causes memory loss, headaches.

The narrowing of the blood vascular of the brain are treated by neurologists, cardiologists and internists. May need to consult other specialists. Treatment involves chronic administration of prescribed medicines, sometimes the patient has to take them the rest of my life. Each patient treatment is selected individually depending on age, patient's condition, test results and may be the following:

  • the prescribing of statins. This Lovastatin, Mefakor or Mevacor. These drugs have a positive effect on the brain;
  • the appointment of fibrates. It can be drugs such as Clofibrate, Achromycin, Zocor, Simvastatin;
  • medications that expand constricted vascular. This Aminophylline, Papaverine. Can assign and Cerebrolysin;
  • the purpose of antioxidants. The doctor prescribes vitamins C, E and A, minerals and common vitamins.

Popular yogoterapiya to bring the patient out of depression can prescribe antidepressant amitriptillin a single. If vasoconstriction occurred in the presence of diabetes or hypertension, the patient is prescribed the drug, which will help to eliminate the symptoms of these diseases.

Radical methods of treatment

If treatment with medicines does not give a positive effect or the disease is too running - treatment is carried out with the help of surgical methods:

  • endarterectomy. During such an operation from a cut distressed vessel and remove plaque. The operation is performed under local anesthesia, and restore the wall of the vessel withsutures. Most often the patient leaves the hospital a few days after surgery;
  • angioplasty. In this case an artery a catheter, through which the problem area is expanded, the button is pushed, and blood flow to the brain is restored;
  • carotid artery bypass surgery. During this operation, between the vessel wall and plaque record frame from a small thin wire.

If time does not allow the blood vascular to normal, it may be vascular dementia.