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How to deal with weak and ruptured capillaries on the nose


The dilated vascular on the face (called rosacea) look extremely aesthetically pleasing. Especially scaring women red capillaries on the nose as it leads others to the idea of chronic alcoholism. The color of the veins can be red-orange, blue, purple, that clearly contrasts with the usual tone of the skin.

The good news is that the expansion of small blood vascular is not a dangerous health disorder. Bad — broken capillaries thoroughly spoil the appearance of the face and affect mood. Beauty treatments help a little, so the treatment of rosacea best left to an experienced dermatologist.

Forms capillary disorders

The first signs of rosacea it is possible to notice (and to take timely action), when the vascular mesh is still not visible. First appear on the skin lesions redness, feels burning, itching, tightness. If you look closely at the sore spot through a magnifying glass, you can see the veins stood out.

In the second stage, a single red capillaries are already visible with the naked eye. Home remedies can not cope with them. The third stage is characterized by the distribution of the veins for the most part of the face.

Most often affects the nose, cheekbones, forehead.

In dermatology there are several types of this disease:

  • Telangiectasias. Manifests the formation of spider veins on the cheeks, nose and around the nose. In the warm season, the grid is almost invisible, aggravation occurs in autumn and winter. Telangiectasias can be congenital and acquired.
  • Rosacea. One of the severe forms of rosacea. The initial stage is characterized by severe tides. The man reddens dramatically in response to stress, temperature stimulus, or alcohol intake. Moreover, the redness lasts a long time. Later on the nose and cheeks have rashes pink in color, pustules, spider veins. The affected areas are compacted, forming a hummocky surface and bezobrazova face. Some specific pathogens in research could not be detected.
  • A hemangioma. This benign tumor occurs mainly in children. Most often the swelling resolves itself, but with the active growth requires surgical removal. There is also a spider hemangioma. On the face there are bright spots and diverging in different directions vascular. Such formations disappear spontaneously, not requiring action.
  • Port-wine stains. The disease was congenital. The main symptom is red or purple spot of irregular shape, located in the region of the nose, eyelids, forehead, temples. Pathology requiresmandatory intervention, because over time the stain can give complications. The affected area darkens, thickens, and is covered with bleeding papules. Spontaneous cure is not fixed.

If you noticed the expansion of capillaries on the nose, it is better to go to a dermatologist. The doctor will assess the degree of damage and prescribe the procedure to remove defects, affecting the appearance.

Causes capillary dilation

Most often, vascular disorders occur in people with sensitive, thin and dry skin. The risk group includes people with allergies, and suffering from vascular dystonia.

купероз на носу

Rosacea can also cause the following factors:

  • Genetic predisposition.
  • Uncontrolled reception of antibiotics.
  • Improper diet, in particular, with constant overeating and addiction to spicy food.
  • Chronic liver disease — hepatitis, cirrhosis, cholangitis, tumors.
  • A passion for weight training.
  • Disruption of circulatory and lymphatic systems.
  • Sudden changes in temperature, the constant exposure in the wind, the scorching sun and the cold. Broken capillaries — a common problem for geologists, builders, janitors, cooks.
  • Injury, regular mechanical effects on the skin (e.g. wearing glasses with a tight frame).
  • Diseases of the blood.
  • Multiple procedures for facial and skin rejuvenation, dermabrasion, various peels.
  • Frequent visits to tanning beds, saunas and steam rooms.
  • Hormonal disruptions.
  • Abuse of nicotine, alcohol, coffee. Compounds included in their structure, provoke thinning and fragility of capillaries.
  • A lot of stress.
  • The General weakening of the immune system.
  • Age-related changes in the structure of the skin and walls of blood vascular.

Another reason rosacea — pregnancy. During the period of gestation in the body increases the capacity of the blood, which exerts increased pressure on the circulatory system. There have been cases of rapid development of rosacea during pregnancy. As a result of treatment, the pathology disappeared, but with each subsequent pregnancy had a relapse of the disease.


For skin prone to inflammation and flaking, need daily care. Dermatologists usually recommend lymphatic drainage massage, cryomassage, mask with menthol and vitamins. Summer recommended creams with photoprotection in winter cryoprotectants (creams with fats or fatty acids). If the signs of rosacea become noticeable, you need to turn to more serious methods.


The drug is usually prescribed in addition to hardware therapies. Well established medical supplies:

  • Askorutin;
  • Alpha-linoleic acid;
  • Panogen and alpha tocopherol;
  • Gingko-biloba.

The action of these drugs is aimed at increasing the elasticity of capillaries and excretion of metabolic products.

Your doctor may also recommend special creams with seaweed, calendula or chamomile. These include Alezan Lierak, Tiande, Sensibio, Uriage Roseliane. These funds can be found in cosmetic clinics and pharmacies.

Hardware methods

An effective way of getting rid of the spider veins is considered to be electrocoagulation. To the vessel and down a special needle is passed through it an electric current. Under electrical discharge the damaged capillary is destroyed.

The drawback of this method in his pain and possible scarring.

Those nasty consequences and cryotherapy — burning liquid nitrogen vascular.To remove capillaries on the nose, today it is possible to use more gentle ways.

Laser coagulation. Damaged vascular are soldered under a high temperature. After a while they become part of the connective tissue, and next the formation of new, healthy way for blood circulation.

Sclerotherapy. In the affected capillaries injected a special chemical (sclerosant). Under its influence the vessel sticks together and is removed from the system circulation.

There are three types of this procedure:

  1. Microsclerotherapy for removal of spider veins.
  2. Sclerotherapy Foam-Form when a coagulant is whipped into foam. This procedure is shown to eliminate the effects of rosacea.
  3. Echosclerotherapy held under the control of the laser scanner.

Ozone therapy

Plots with red veins cut away by the ozone. If on the face are hemangiomas or consolidation, the injection is made directly into the tumors. In the cell layers occurs biochemical reaction leading to destruction of the defective vascular. Saturation of the subcutaneous layers with oxygen at the same time gives anti-aging effect.


In areas with a weak grid effect of high-intensity light pulses. The rays of the camera glued the capillary walls. After a few days they become invisible.


It is recommended for the treatment of mild rosacea. Is introduced under the skin vitamin mezokokteyl, the purpose of which is to strengthen the walls of blood vascular, and eliminate them in stasis.

The advice of traditional medicine

народная медецина

To remove dilated blood vascular using the people's recipes do not work, but you can use themto remove inflammation, reduce the fragility of blood vascular and increase their tone.

Helps juice therapy, where the main component is considered to be the freshly squeezed juice of cabbage. To mitigate its bitter taste, add a plum or carrot juice.

Firming action on the skin have the following tools:

  • Aqueous infusions of chamomile, plantain and calendula;
  • Poultice of mashed and mixed with milk parsley;
  • The mask of raw potatoes;
  • Gadgets of concoctions.

You cannot use the warming compositions, as well as masks with bee products. It is undesirable to resort to such measures, as rubbing the skin with vinegar or red pepper extract. Instead, the positive effect may burn of the face.

In conclusion. Complex therapy will help to relieve the symptoms of rosacea, but the problem with the blood vascular is not going anywhere. Only prevention and the implementation of the instructions of a dermatologist will be able to permanently push back the time when spider veins re-appear on the face.