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Varicose veins during pregnancy


Varicose veins - a disease much more common than it might seem at first glance. Usually its occurrence is associated with a long stay on his feet, at least - the constant presence in a sitting position. In fact, the mechanism of occurrence is the same for all cases.

Varicose veins during pregnancy have the same reason.

Varicose veins

This disease is characteristic only of the people, as a consequence of bipedalism. The vertical position of the body facilitates the movement of arterial blood, as it moves from the center to the periphery. It also hinders circulation of venous blood in the movement overcomes the force of gravity.

Work veins and so difficult: blood pressure is much lower circulation, in fact, is due to mechanical filling of the vessel. The movement looks like a transfer volume of liquid from one area to another. When the blood fills the venous fragment, lower venous valve overlap, the top opens and blood fills in the following section.

варикоз на ноге

It is obvious that the fullness of the circulation depends on the normal functioning of the valves. It is also evident that flexion and extension muscles in the legs, in the area of the pelvis greatly facilitates their functioning as mechanically compresses and releases the treated vein segments. Therefore, prevention and treatment of varicose veins includes exercise.

In a stationary vertical position - standing or sitting, the veins are subjected to a double load: exerts its effect, gravity, and the complete absence of muscle activity.

As a result of venous valves work with increasing load, and the blood starts to zastavitj. Blood vascular stretched at the same time under her weight, the cross-section increases. On the one hand, it gives the ability to pump greater volume of blood under the same pressure, and with another - allows the valve to completely block the vein. As a result, the blood flows back and venous congestion is increasing.

Most strongly affects the veins in the legs and in the area of the pelvis. Hands, as a rule, is made much more movements, which ensures a continuous mechanical pushing.

The causes of the disease

Of course, the most obvious cause of illness is the lack of physical activity and associated with movements and not lifting, for example. However, varicose veins during pregnancy this is in addition to several other factors.

  • Hormones - one of the conditions of normal pregnancy is the production of progesterone and relaxin: theyresponsible for the relaxation of the muscles of the uterus. However, they also are the cause of pulping connective tissue, which leads to the weakening of venous valves. The blood begins to stagnate, there is a dilatation, which further complicates operation of the valve. Amazed that any of the vascular: on the ankle, in the area of small pelvis, in the uterus.
  • High blood pressure - the amount of blood in pregnant women increases by 50%, which causes varicose veins. If before pregnancy blood vascular had been weakened, then the additional stress will trigger the development of varicose veins of the pelvis and legs.
  • Blood clots - because labor is accompanied by loss of blood, the female body activates various mechanisms contributing to its stopping and thickening. One of them is increased blood clots. But if varicose veins of the pelvis or legs is present, this feature becomes a serious threat. Treatment during pregnancy is always extremely difficult, as most medical devices cannot be used, and surgical intervention is highly undesirable.
  • The weight - and associated with him as a sedentary lifestyle. Of course, the expectant mother is hard to move, especially if the weight is dialed large, but it's necessary. Stagnation in the veins of small pelvis may trigger the expansion of the ovarian veins and the uterus, and this complication would endanger the child's life.

Prevention of varicose veins during pregnancy is the need to do the exercises. Hiking, a gentle form of fitness, swimming is available load significantly reduces the risk of disease and degree of development. The treatment also includes the available load.

Types of varicose veins during pregnancy

Varicose veins primarily observed on the weakened areas. If before pregnancy a woman has worked that is called, on your feet, you will suffer the veins of the ankle and the popliteal. If the work involves sedentary position, it is first subjected to lesions of the pelvic veins.

The second and third pregnancy "weak link" are the inguinal vein, as they have double and triple load during pregnancy. Besides the above mentioned factors there extra pressure produces the fetus and amniotic fluid.

варикоз до и после
  • Varicose veins on the legs - remains the most common form of the disease. Traditionally manifests itself: on the skin are spider veins, swollen feet in the area of ankle swelling accompanied by a feeling of heaviness and pain. Then the dilatation reaches the stage when it is determined visually, andpolerowanie hurts. Cramping, especially at night.

In contrast to the "normal" course of illness during pregnancy varicose veins develops very quickly. A large amount of blood and lymphatic fluid, exerts double pressure, edema is formed faster and the degree of compression of the nerve endings are also significantly higher.

  • Varicose veins in groin during pregnancy - a consequence of dilatation of the pelvis. The symptoms are similar, but more painful. At the first stage in the groin formed stars, then deformed labia. The process is accompanied by a feeling of pressure, fullness inside the vagina and then itching and pain because the labia are dry.

Treatment primarily involves the wearing of compression underwear. Of course, it is recommended to do exercise that increases circulation in the area of the pelvis. May be administered, and drugs, but with great caution. In any case, you cannot find a boosting compositions on their own.

  • Varicose veins of the uterus develops as during pregnancy and after. Expressed in severe pain in the abdomen, violations and the long duration of menstrual cycle, if we are talking about non-pregnant women. Since these symptoms correspond to various gynecological diseases, diagnosing the disease difficult.

During pregnancy, treatment is particularly difficult, as the choice of media is limited.

The difficulty lies in the fact that the most severe effects appear after birth, and childbirth are just the catalyst. Sometimes the threat is so great that the decision on caesarean section.

Preventive measures

In fact, all the treatment of various forms of varicose veins is reduced to measures which may be called the prevention. They are also a way to stop the progression of the disease. Of course, we are not talking about the extreme stages of the disease, when conservative treatment is undertaken, and in particularly severe cases - surgery.

  • Doing exercises is a universal and most effective way. Any form of activity requires flexion and extension of the muscles that literally makes the blood move through the veins. Do not start active sports, if before pregnancy, so healthy habits were not: nothing but complications and poor health, it will not bring. But Hiking for 1-2 hours available to everyone.
  • Swimming is the ideal sport for pregnant women. Reduction of weight in water allows you to move more freely to do the exercises more complex, associated with the slopes. And the load at overcoming the viscous mediumactivates the muscles.
  • Wearing compression underwear - depending on the lesion used socks, stockings, compression garments for pelvis. Its role is mechanical compression of the veins, which facilitates the work of the venous valves.

Varicose veins during pregnancy is not a contraindication to natural childbirth, except in extreme stages of development of varicose veins of the uterus and labia. However, it causes trouble a lot. Heaviness, pain in the legs, in the area of small pelvis or abdomen completely unnecessary during gestation. Besides varicose veins is an irreversible damage that even the most successful treatment is neither "stars" nor swollen veins does not eliminate.

To stop the disease just need to do the exercises and follow the recommendations of the doctor-phlebologist.

Prevention of varicose veins best way to avoid the disease.