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Modern methods of treatment of varicose veins without surgery


Varicose veins who includes a list of diseases of civilization. The formation of the disease is most often associated with inadequate physical activity and excess weight, which is typical for developed countries.

Varicose veins, according to medical research, found more than half of the European population. The swelling of the veins more common in women by a margin of nearly 20%.

Work veins

In the majority of cases concerns violations of blood circulation in the veins of the lower extremities. First, a case of varicose veins the most common, and secondly, in contrast to the not less dangerous disease of the pelvis or stomach, swelling of the superficial veins in the legs visible.

The disease it accompanies man since that time when his ancestors began to move on two legs and is directly connected with bipedalism. Blood through the arteries is moved downwards from the heart to the periphery, to the same pressure. But looking back, the blood flow must overcome the force of gravity. Pressure of the venous flow is low.

ток крови в ногах

The blood in the veins rises thanks to the work of the muscles of the vessel and valves. The latter are outgrowths of the endothelium - the lining of the veins, and divide the vessel in some areas. Until the blood fills the area, the upper valve is closed. Once the area is filled, closes the lower valve and the upper open and the blood can rise further.

Obviously the mechanism will operate with sufficient vasoconstriction and a degree of strength of the valves.

The mechanism of development

Varicose is an increase in the cross-section of the vessel. And the greater the working diameter of the vessel, the longer the area will be filled with blood, and the harder the valve to block the channel. If the latter does not perform its function, the blood is partially returned.

Stagnation of venous blood causes the blood vascular to further dilate and the valves work even worse. Loss of blood affects the blood flow to all other parts of the body, and, most importantly, heart. After all, to maintain the degree of filling at the proper level without the "missing" blood, increase the pressure.

Redistribution of blood flow from the superficial veins into the deeper perforator veins, in turn drawing out these vascular. When there is formed a valve insufficiency, the blood appears in the subcutaneous network.

Developing chronic venous insufficiency, swelling and are formed with intercellular fluid in subcutaneous tissue and enter the blood cells. Furtherthe progression of the disease leads to irreversible skin damage and venous ulcers.

венозная недостаточность

At the cellular level blood stasis provokes a kind of accumulation of leukocytes at the site - leukocyte rolling. Leukocytes provokes inflammation, which quickly spreads and affects the whole wall thickness.


The first sign of the disease is the appearance of dilated subcutaneous veins. Attractiveness is not added that is the reason for many women and men take action while the disease has not reached a significant stage of development.

  • At first, the disease is accompanied by severe leg fatigue, oedema, heaviness. Characteristic symptom is pain in the legs before the morning, sometimes very strong. Illness with the same strength as manifested in people "standing" of occupations - hairdressers, sellers, and not leaving the chair in the office. The fact that a permanent stay in a sitting position, especially in the wrong, acting almost as damaging as constantly being in the standing position.
  • Lesion of the superficial veins is considered less dangerous than varicose veins internal. For the next stage is characterized by pain along the vein, much more strong edema, cyanosis of the skin and the sores. Persistent swelling indicated the formation of chronic venous insufficiency.

The real problem is not so much mechanical dilatation is swelling, as the inflammation of the walls and formation of blood clots. Latest quite free to move in the varicose veins and more important blood clog arteries - the pulmonary artery, for example.

The disease develops very long time, sometimes decades, so to prevent severe consequences is easy if a simple prescription.

Conservative treatment

The problem of varicose veins several conventionally divided into two parts: the mechanical expansion of blood vascular and inflammation of the walls. The latter is much more dangerous, but curable, while issuesmost and extension are removed with great difficulty.

вены ног

Blood vascular have their limit of elasticity. And if it is exceeded, return the vessel to its original state impossible.

Functionality with proper treatment recovered, but to make disappear the blue wreath underneath the skin difficult. Much better to use preventive measures, instead of waiting for this expansion to take over the vessel.

Treatment of varicose veins without surgery requires a comprehensive approach.

  • It is known that movement stimulates the flow of blood. Moreover,flexion and extension of the ankle performs the role of a pump. Sitting or standing ankle does not work, respectively, the blood becomes stagnant. Exercises associated with the voltage of the lower leg, with flexion of the ankle was necessary both for patients and for those wishing to prevent illness.
  • Vienna under the knee, bending it narrows, slowing blood flow. Accordingly, the posture where the knees are bent at a sharp angle, produces the disease. This should be avoided.
  • It is necessary to fill the lack of movement. This is the most simple and accessible method to significantly improve the condition of the veins. You can use any of the classes: walking, gymnastics, swimming.
  • The compression garment is like a powerful tool for prevention and treatment. Elastic fabric with a category compresses the dilated veins, causing them to slightly narrow. To wear pantyhose, stockings, boots, socks need several hours a day, but definitely every day. For 1, 2 stage of disease that, at times, enough to return the vascular necessary muscle tone.

Compression, properly chosen, helps in the treatment even in stages, is complicated by the appearance of blood clots and phlebitis.

"Gymnastics for vascular" - the so-called contrast pouring very hot water and very cold. With varicose veins this procedure becomes mandatory. Vessels dilate and constrict under the influence of temperature, and thus, train the smooth muscles.

Hot water causes to expand and veins and arteries. Therefore, the varicose veins of the lower extremities hot tubs excludes: blood vascular and widened. Cold bath helps to remove the fatigue and veins to narrow, facilitating the outflow of blood.

Drug therapy

How to cure varicose veins without surgery, hard to say. Depending on the stage of the disease and the extent of damage veins used in various formulations and in different forms. If the damage is superficial veins - visible use of creams and gels. However, for the treatment of deep-lying drugs must be taken orally.

красивые ноги

The mainstay of treatment phlebotonics are a substance that increases the tone of muscle tissue, that is, the walls of blood vascular and valves. This Is The Case With These, Detralex, Caffeine.

Drugs significantly reduce pain, eliminate swelling, and affect the walls of blood vascular. Treatment long - ointments need to use a few months.

Gels really improve the condition of the vessel, but eliminate issuesmost and stretching, they can not. Veins remain visible.

With the defeat of the deep veins of mentioned drugs Detralex, Trental, Phlebodia 600, taken orally. Assigns them a doctor-phlebologist,self-diagnosis is unacceptable.

Treatment necessarily combined with wearing compression underwear and a change of regime.

Traditional medicine

A certain curative effect of folk remedies based on the use of plant foods rich in tannins. To some extent they affect the tone of the skin and blood vascular and relieve swelling, which is very important in varicose veins.

  • The most well-known facilities include horse chestnut. In folk medicine it is used in form of compresses, and warm - not combustible, lotions, and tinctures. In the pharmacies you can find ointments with the extract of horse chestnut with the same therapeutic effect.
  • Rubbing Apple cider vinegar, and use it in the form of compresses occupy the second position in the ranking of popularity.
  • Use compresses made of blue clay. A slurry of water and clay is superimposed on the affected area and held for at least 40 minutes and up to 3 hours. Blue clay is a kind of alternative wearing of compression underwear.
  • Varicose veins traditional medicine recommends to drink grape juice and red wine. Both products are extremely rich in folic acid and contribute to the thinning of the blood. Thus reduce the risk of formation of blood clots.
  • Another popular method is hirudotherapy. A special therapeutic effect, its use brings, but the removal of the accumulated blood makes the patient's condition. We also know that when it bites, the leech injects into the vessel a special substance is hirudin, which promotes thinning of the blood, and thus prevents the formation of blood clots.

Traditional methods need to be combined with therapeutic - wearing compression underwear and medication especially when the disease has gone too far and damaged deep-lying vascular.

New methods

In addition to traditional compression therapy and phlebotonics, modern medicine offers several new techniques.

Sclerotherapy is as effective as surgery, but much less traumatic. The method consists in the introduction into the vein lumen under appropriate supervision, of course, a sclerosing drug. Glue the last wall of the vessel, and then absorbed. The plot is overlaid with hip compression bandage.


The injection is completely painless. After the session it is recommended to walk for hours.

Endovenous laser photocoagulation today is considered the most promising non-invasive method. The laser beam acts indirectly the lion's share of its radiation absorbs blood and is very hot - until bubblescouple. These bubbles damage the wall of the endothelium.

Thermal effect strong up to the "charring" of the black color of the intima. In further thrombus, occlusive lumen, gradually replaced by connective tissue. A year operated Vienna turns into a connective-tissue cord, and the load on it is distributed on other vascular.

Endovenous coagulation has its contraindications.

So, if too large a clearance channel is more than 10 mm, the results are often unsatisfactory. But if the patient has thrombophilia, the method to apply is prohibited, as EVLO involves the formation of a clot when exposed to a vessel.

Радиочастотная абляция

Radiofrequency ablation is based on the effects of current frequency in 300-750 kHz. Its effect is similar to laser coagulation: in Vienna on the site that you want to delete, set a special catheter and serves current. Wall when it is heated to 120 C and are damaged.

In acute thrombophlebitis ablation is prohibited.

Treatments varicose veins the more effective the sooner they are applied.

The disease develops for a long time, the patient plenty of time to do "little blood" - compression underwear and ointments. In later stages treatment will need much more serious.