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How to treat and major symptoms of an aneurysm of the interatrial septum (WFP)


Aneurysm of the interatrial septum (WFP) is the curvature of the septum of the heart between the right and left Atria. WFP is changing, whereby it is deformed.

The symptoms of the disease and its causes

in the process of curvature, is formed an opening, disrupts the normal blood circulation. This is because blood from the left atrium enters not only in left ventricle but also in the right atrium, because of this, there is an overload of right-sided chamber of the heart.

In addition, in the lungs comes a surplus of blood, increasing the load on vascular, it could develop into pulmonary hypotension.

Modern medicine is known for the following forms of distortion:

  • left;
  • to the right;
  • S-shaped.

The causes of this anomaly, the doctors definitely can't install: the children are mostly congenital in nature, which could be due to violations of the formation of the embryo in the womb. Also deviations of the formation of the heart may occur due to viral infections during mother's pregnancy, but often this defect can be passed from parents and relatives inherited.

In adults, this anomaly may develop after myocardial infarction.

There are some types of aneurysm MPP:

  1. The acute form. The disease manifests itself for the past 2 weeks after suffering a heart attack. Symptoms of acute aneurysm WFP: increased body temperature, arrhythmia, leukocytosis.
  2. The subacute form of the aneurysm MPP. This is the period of postinfarction state at 3-6 weeks. A deviated septum occurs due to improper healing of the scar at the site of infarction. At this stage aneurysm MPP manifests itself in the form of shortness of breath, increased heart rate and fatigue.
  3. Chronic disease. Anomaly makes itself felt after 5 weeks after suffering a heart attack. Explicit symptoms of the disease recede and leave only her "response" is similar to the symptoms of heart failure.

Symptoms of MPP in children

Aneurysm of MPP in children of school age may develop after the sudden closure of interatrial septum. This anomaly has no deadly dangers and no negative effects on the heart and circulatory system, if the time to begin treatment.

ребёнок с аневризмой перегородки

WFP aneurysm in children is accompanied with defined changes in the body that parents have time to pay attention: abnormal septum in age from 1 to 3 years manifested by retardation of physical and mentaldevelopment, often these babies do not gain weight and are susceptible to viral infections.

This is due to a deviated septum of the Atria, resulting in imbalance of the heart.

In children of preschool age who are affected by this heart disease, there is a lag of growth, rapid physical fatigue, weakness, numbness, chest pain.

These babies usually have pale skin, protrusion of the chest, which is caused by the imbalance of the heart and malfunctions.

All of these symptoms should be a serious signal for parents to as early as possible to consult a specialist for help. If left untreated the aneurysm ppm, the disease can lead to serious complications, up to rupture walls.

Also this can result in stress or strong physical exertion. Young patients should undergo regular ultrasound and ECG, to be registered at the doctor and undergo appropriate treatment. Patients after 40 years of suffering from this disease, get disability.

Diagnosis of curvature of the cardiac membrane

Aneurysm of the interatrial septum should be diagnosed even in the hospital. The basis of such a diagnosis can serve as the first electrocardiogram and heart ultrasound. These studies very clearly define the aneurysm MPP.

Of necessity in newborns, a CT scan is performed and catherization heart. This helps to determine the size and location of the aneurysm.

If the disease has already manifested itself in adulthood, should be examined in several stages:

  • counseling;
  • the visual inspection of the doctor;
  • Ultrasound;
  • electrocardiography;
  • Yarm;
  • CT.

A visit to the doctor involves the identification of the apparent symptoms of the disease, and examination of the patient for pulsation in the chest. If there are the expected signs of the aneurysm, WFP, the doctor prescribes a number of other studies, with the help of special devices.

ребёнок с аневризмой перегородки

Aneurysm MPP breaks the heart. Patients present with heart failure and the risk of rupture WFP. This may come off a clot that can get into the brain and other vital organs.

This fact may provoke renal infarction or gangrene of the limb.

Of course, there are people who have experienced rupture of the heart septum of the Atria, but there is a risk group, which includes people with risk of stroke and blood clots.

Treatment and prevention

This disease is treated as usingmedication or by surgical intervention. Conservative treatment give patients with a chronic form of aneurysm which develops slowly and does not threaten the person to mortal danger.

Patients are administered medications to stabilize the heart muscle, strengthen the heart rate and lowers blood pressure.

WFP aneurysm in acute and subacute form requires rapid intervention to prevent cardiac rupture. The basis for surgical intervention is a great discharge of the blood, causing pulmonary hypertension.

Such an operation is carried out in our country quite successfully. Make her open heart with the help of modern technology.

This operation is carried out by the apparatus of artificial blood circulation. The operation time and amount of work depends on the degree of curvature of the septum. Surgery corrects the deformity of the septum and strengthens it by means of artificial materials.

операция на сердце

We should not be afraid to go under the knife", as this operation relieves the person from discomfort in the body and gives a chance to live a full life.

Children such operation is prescribed only in the most extreme cases. Such a case would be the development of hypotension lungs, due to a large ejection of blood in the breast area. Children with this diagnosis are contraindicated in any physical activity.

Rehabilitation lasts about 2 months. That's how much time is necessary for the healing of the scar. Often, a doctor prescribes the patient to take drugs such as enalapril or captopril.

After surgery, the person must adhere to a certain lifestyle:

  • avoid stress;
  • rational feeding;
  • a full night's sleep;
  • eliminate Smoking and alcohol;
  • decrease physical activity.

Of great importance in the treatment process is the mental state of the patient. In any case it is not necessary to despair and "load" grim. A positive attitude and love to all the world truly works wonders! Should be sought in life only positive moments and to believe in his recovery.

Aneurysm of the interatrial septum is not a death sentence. Many people live with the disease happily ever after, even knowing about its presence. If, however, the first signs of sickness, but it is better to be examined and start treatment.