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Prevention of varicose veins


Varicose veins - a disease of the 20th century. Varicose veins have long been known, its clinical picture is well understood, prevention is simple. With all the experts who? in the end, carried the disease to the number of the threat.

Varicose veins

Circulation of blood through the veins is provided by the venous valves: they allow the blood in one direction and block reverse movement. Loss of elasticity of the valves, weakening or congenital underdevelopment turns into failures. The blood thus stagnates, as a rule, foreign vascular closest to the skin surface. Increasing pressure deforms and destroys healthy valves, the excess amount of blood stretches the walls of the veins.

The vascular become thinner and deformed, become brittle and are easily damaged at low pressure. Appear on the skin of specific education - "star", "mesh". Impaired blood flow that leads to the most serious consequences of varicose veins: thrombophlebitis, tropical ulcers, bleeding.

Affects primarily the veins of the legs, however, the disease can spread to the entire limb.

The symptoms of the disease

At an early stage varicose veins is manifested thus:

  • fatigue, swelling and pain in the legs;
  • numbness or cramps in the night and early morning;
  • "vascular asterisks", "cobweb" purple-blue color.

The most dangerous are the symptom of swelling, as they indicate the defeat of the deep veins.

варикоз ног

The next stages of the disease the symptoms are aggravated by:

  • leather calf darkens, flakes, becoming thick and rough, dark spots appear, then the sores;
  • pain much worse when walking;
  • on the feet and calves over the skin perform venous nodes, the area around them is painful.

At this stage, the probability of blood clots and blockage of veins. Mortal danger is the separation of the clot from the wall and hit him in the lungs.

Causes of varicose veins

  • Evolutionary - bipedalism significantly increased the load on the lower spine, pelvis and lower limbs. In addition, the vertical position of the body hinders the movement of blood through the veins due to gravity. Inflammation of the veins - such as natural retribution for the upright posture, and low back pain.
  • Age - decrease in elasticity of the vessel wall triggers inflammation.
  • Genetic - the weakening of veins, venous valves are underdeveloped may be due toheredity.
  • Hormonal - disruption of the hormonal system provoke varicose veins. Violations applies as a special condition of the body - puberty, pregnancy, and disease. The treatment also increases the risk of varicose veins.
  • Physical activity is equally dangerous as excessive static or under load. The first concern of the profession, driving for a long time on their feet - standing, not walking. The second work connected with the permanent stay at the table. In this position the vein is compressed, which decreases the outflow and leg muscles are inactive. Thus, the conditions for stagnation of blood. According to doctors it is the "sedentary" work is one of the main culprits of disease. Prevention of varicose veins in these professions should be mandatory, not expecting the onset of symptoms.
  • Mechanical stress creates body mass. High growth and obesity do the same.

Treatment and prevention

Varicose veins is a chronic disease. Complete cure is almost impossible, even with the restoration of the venous valves are stretched and deformed veins to return to its former state is impossible. To stop the development and prevent the consequences very real.

Preventive measures and treatment for first stage disease is very fine.

Prevention of varicose veins: a risk group

  • The work connected with permanent stay in the standing or sitting is a direct indication to the adoption of preventive measures. It is not necessary to wait until the symptoms manifest. From an evolutionary point of view is correct for the human body are only two modes - lying position and movement. In the first case, the blood flow easier, as the veins do not work gravity, the second - busiest muscle function, similar to the pump. Stationary load for veins disastrous.
  • The second direct indication of a pregnancy. This load is temporary, but significant, as it consists of two components: increasing the weight and the large volume of blood and lymph.
  • The third indication is a genetic predisposition. The weakening of the vessel walls and, as a consequence, varicose is evident even in children.

Preventing a sedentary lifestyle

Regularly exercise your legs, it will be the best prevention in sedentary work.

  1. Normal blood circulation is to a large extent depends on the working muscles. In this casean obligatory condition is the load. Muscles must work intensively, so a slow walk lasting 20 minutes, no good will not bring. Much more efficient fast walking for 5 minutes.
  2. Aerobics, dancing, running - during class rapidly shrinking muscles of the leg and foot.
  3. Ezda on the bike - at the same time reduces mechanical stress, since this eliminates body weight, and increases muscle.
  4. Swimming - the two factors added a third: the horizontal position of the legs. Swimming - the best prevention of varicose veins.
  5. Training on simulators - requires the advice of a doctor and trainer, as a good muscle the mechanical load increases.

Good auxiliary tool is massage, it improves the flow of blood and lymph. However, to replace the physical activity a massage can not.

Compression stockings

Assigned to and used at the onset of symptoms of varicose veins. The effect is based on mechanical squeezing of dilated superficial veins. In deep-lying vascular knitwear has no effect.

Compression underwear is made in the form of socks, Golf stockings and pantyhose. The maximum pressure is exerted on the area of the ankle - 100%, in the upper part of the thigh it is 40%. Thus facilitates the movement of blood up.

Pressure values are different. For the labeling of products indicates the maximum pressure and compression class.

Compression underwear has contraindications:

  • chronic disease of the arteries - endarteriite, atherosclerosis, aortoarteritis;
  • inflammatory skin diseases, dermatitis, eczema and so on;
  • septic phlebitis, cardiopulmonary failure;
  • diabetes - requires to consult a doctor, because diabetes often causes damage to blood vascular of the legs.

Disease prevention during pregnancy

Prevention during pregnancy involves the same steps as when sedentary work or prolonged stay on his feet. The essential difference is the gradual decrease of the load.

  1. Compression stockings if no contraindications, is appointed by 12-13 weeks. This is usually the tights 1-2 class, providing pressure on the abdomen.
  2. At 10 weeks can be assigned a bandage that support the uterus. This reduces the pressure on the leg veins, which improves blood flow.
  3. Available physical activity - aerobics and swimming, especially the latter, Hiking, but not necessarily at a fast pace. Slow movement will not activate the muscles.
  4. During sleep onthey need to put legs on the pillow.
  5. You should avoid heat treatments - sauna, sauna, as the heat promotes dilation of the arteries. In the end, the blood flow is improved, and the outflow will slow down, which leads to stagnation.

Varicose is much easier to prevent or to stop in the early stages, when the changes were only superficial veins. In this case, the "reminder" are just spider veins and the need to comply with the above-described recommendations. Damage to the deep veins will require a longer and more expensive treatment, until surgery.

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