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Prevention and causes of atherosclerosis


Age and abnormalities in lipid (fat) metabolism are two main factors that have a negative impact on the condition of the vessel. Over the years, the vascular wear out and improper diet combined with unhealthy habits add to the problem: the walls are formed cholesterol plaques, clogging the lumen and impede blood flow to the heart, brain, and internal organs.

To treat atherosclerosis is very difficult and expensive, so you should as soon as possible to deal with the prevention of this vascular pathology. Early prevention of atherosclerosis - the best way to maintain health, a clear mind and performance for years to come.

Let's talk about reasons

Of course, the causes of atherosclerosis are the subject of separate and detailed discussion, since they are varied and often interrelated, require an explanation of the mechanism and ways of interaction. We only briefly describe them so that the reader could clearly imagine in what direction to move in order to prevent the development of severe and very dangerous disease - atherosclerosis.

So, what are the causes of this specific pathology?

причины атеросклероза

They can be divided into two conditional categories:

  • Purely medical (primary);
  • Associated with lifestyle and unhealthy habits (secondary).

The primary causes and factors

Developed during the life of the disease be the trigger for the onset of disorders in fat and salt metabolism, which with age are compounded.

These include:

  • Hypertension of any origin;
  • Diabetes of both types;
  • Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland);
  • Gout;
  • Uremia, occurring in the later stages of some diseases of the kidneys.

Meet and congenital forms of metabolic disorders, but they are relatively rare.

Mandatory and systematic control of the above diseases, the improvement of their flow with treatment regimens and special diets are effective in preventing atherosclerosis, allowing in many cases significantly delay the formation of cholesterol plaques on the walls of the blood vascular of the brain, heart, lower limbs and internal organs.

Secondary reasons and factors

Secondary factors associated with lifestyle and human nutrition, and therefore much more manageable: even their partial elimination significantly reduces the risk of developing atherosclerosis in the future.

мёд и лимонный сок

Among themexperts call:

  • Deficiency or excessively high levels of certain types of vitamins (folic acid, vitamins D, B6, B12;
  • Regular intake of oral contraceptives - especially when their purpose is unauthorized and incorrect calculation of the dose;
  • Smoking;
  • Addiction to "bad" fats, in excess contained in fast food, purchase sauces and semi-finished products;
  • Inactivity;
  • Weight;
  • Chronic stress resulting in nervous and physical exhaustion;
  • Old age.

Matters and sex: men are at risk of developing atherosclerosis of brain vascular, heart and lower extremities more often than women. It is connected not so much with Paul, but with greater inclination of men to bad habits and high intensity physical and nervous stress that men traditionally bear at work and at home.

When atherosclerosis yet

The best results always give primary prevention of atherosclerosis, when vascular more flexible - that is, at the time of his youth and full health. They are mandatory and already existing disease.

The first place overlook proper nutrition, weight control, adequate physical activity, physical activity (dance classes, sports, tourism, the habit of walking).

These measures help to normalize the blood circulation in the vascular of the heart and brain, prevent blood stasis in the lower extremities, the accumulation of harmful and heavy fats in it.

What is a healthy diet? It does not always mean expensive products that even people with very limited financial resources can be quite varied and healthy diet.

In the menu of a person, caring about the state of their vascular, have to be:

  • Vegetables and fruits in season, dishes of them;
  • Lean meats (lean beef, chicken without skin);
  • Any fish;
  • A sufficient amount of soft drink juices, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, kvass;
  • Cereals made from whole grains;
  • Vegetable oil for cooking first and second courses, salads.

Caution will have to refer to products that are traditionally contains a lot of fat:

  • Butter;
  • Milk and dairy products (sour cream, cottage cheese, cheese);
  • Eggs and dishes from them.

Absolutely can't be excluded, because a certain amount of animal fats the body is still necessary, however their intake should be strictly rationed.

To keep the blood vascular of the brain, heart, internal organs and lowerlimbs supple and clean, you will have to send a black list of semi-finished products, fast food, meats, fatty sauces, meat and fish delicacies: they have a lot of hidden fat, which is accumulating and will eventually make themselves known deposits of cholesterol on the walls of blood vascular.


Smoking better not to start: to get rid of painful addiction to tobacco is harder. If this is sin for you is still there, try to quit the habit as soon as possible: even after many years in friendship with cigarettes, the blood vascular are restored quickly enough, and their functional status significantly improved everyone who has parted ways with tobacco forever.


Cook a packet of ready-made dumplings, or buy some Shawarma for lunch - what could be easier? However, fast food and processed foods is a sure way to development of atherosclerosis because these foods contain the high amount of heavy fats and salt.

Do not be lazy to cook, use only natural products, oils and sauces. Avoid multi-stage processing, frying, breaded and battered. Dishes made from boiled vegetables, meat, poultry and fish should be the basis of your diet.

Soups and borscht is better to cook with vegetable broth or water. If you still prefer meat entrees, try long the broth is cooking and remove all visible fat from the meat and bones.

Movement - life

How right you eating, lack of physical activity, sedentary work and dislike of Hiking will inevitably lead to the recruitment of extra pounds.

If this problem is already there, immediately in its decision: the completeness is not only ugly, it is also a big burden on the vascular. Overweight people often suffer from diseases of the heart, they wear out faster vascular of the lower limbs, developing hypertension, which can result in vascular catastrophe in the brain.

What is secondary prevention

Complex purely medical measures aimed at the inhibition of atherosclerotic processes in the vascular of the brain, heart and lower extremities with already existing disease, is called secondary prevention, the purpose of which are:

  • The decline in the A/D at least up to 140/80 mm Hg. article;
  • Continuous administration of antiplatelet agents - clopidogrel and aspirin;
  • Purpose of statins, to achieve normal levels of blood lipids (this figure is equal to about 2.6 mmol/l, for some patients, for example in figure 4-4,5 mmol/l).

Patients with ischemia of the heart regular exercise can be recommended only in very moderate quantities, however, theyhave a positive impact on vascular tone and blood circulation in General, so neglected physical therapy and other occupations is impossible.

What folk medicine says

Traditional medicine - a great help in combating atherosclerosis of brain vascular, lower limb, diseases of the heart. They are completely natural, available and inexpensive, and the effect of their application no less significant than the use of medicines.

The most important condition for achieving significant results in the prevention of lipid metabolism disorders with the help of folk remedies - the duration and regularity.

For this purpose, commonly used decoctions and infusions of herbs, some vegetables, seeds, and honey. The preparation of certain types of infusions requires the inclusion in their composition of good clean vodka or medical alcohol.

We offer you some recipes of traditional medicine, proven over many years and have proven clinical value:

Potato juice

To significantly lower cholesterol and improve the condition of blood vascular of the brain, heart and lower extremities, you need every morning to drink on an empty stomach juice of one medium potato. Wash it well, peel and grate. The slurry must be pressed through a piece of cheesecloth or a fine sieve.

Sophora japonica

Pods of Sophora, pour vodka and infuse for about three weeks in the refrigerator. Drinking three months, a tablespoon means no more than three times a day. To prepare the tincture will need a glass of sliced pods and half a liter of good vodka.

Honey, lemon juice and vegetable oil

This folk remedy is one of the most effective in the prevention of atherosclerosis in the brain and heart, but it can only apply to those patients who have no allergic reactions to honey and citrus.

For mixing quality honey, lemon juice and refined vegetable oil taken in equal proportions, well mixed, and then are taken regularly in the morning and always on an empty stomach. The course will be at least three months.

You can do otherwise: do not mix the honey and oil make separately - for example, in the morning to eat a spoonful of honey, and at night to drink as much purified vegetable oil.

Melissa tea

Melissa is an herb that has beneficial effects not only on the vascular of the brain and heart, but also perfectly cope with the dizziness, irritability and insomnia. Drink a Cup of the beverage of Melissa, brewing it like regular tea, and you will soon feel a lot better.

Nettle bath

If atherosclerotic changes appeared inthe vascular of the lower extremities, can help nettle baths. It is best treated in the spring and summer, when fresh nettle. To do this, take a large tuft of grass, put it in a tub and pour the very hot water. Leave to infuse for half an hour, and then sit down in the tub. The procedure takes the same half hour and repeats every day, until the last season.


Dry white and red wine of high quality - one of the most delicious and pleasant means of combating atherosclerosis of cerebral vascular. Drunk over dinner or lunch with a glass of your favorite wine to help cope with headaches, dizziness and other manifestations of the disease.

From dry red wine to cook really delicious food is not only wonderfully delicious but also have healing properties.

Just add in a bottle of beverage a pinch of ginger, cardamom, clove, nutmeg, orange peel or lemon and pour half a Cup of sugar syrup. Shake well, allow to stand for three days, and then enjoy every day, taking a spoonful of this exquisite drug.

Atherosclerosis, in which cholesterol plaques formed in the blood vascular of the brain and other organs, - disease, developing over the years, and therefore require the same long treatment. The best way to prevent it is to follow the diet and weight, no Smoking, move more: if your blood vascular retain elasticity and remain durable for many years.

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The author of the material: Dakin Sergey