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Hypertension: nutrition and diet


With all the variety of tools and methods for the treatment of hypertension, they give only very moderate and short-lived results, if we exclude from the complex diet - a special food system, revitalizing the blood vascular and the body in General.

Goals of medical nutrition

The disease has many causes, and therefore the diet hypertension puts several goals:

  • Reducing the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood to improve patency of blood vascular;
  • Strengthening vascular walls;
  • The normalization of blood clotting to avoid blood clots;
  • The conclusion of excess fluid from the body;
  • The weight gain and metabolism in obese people who often suffer from hypertension.

A multi-pronged impact on the causes of hypertension can reduce blood pressure to target values and to maintain them in the future, thereby significantly reducing the risk of severe consequences - strokes and heart attacks.

General rules

To achieve its goals by observing some General rules:

продукты каторые нельзя есть при высоком давлении
  • Smaller portions of food;
  • Complete elimination or significant reduction in the consumption of animal fats, eggs, meat and fish delicacies;
  • The inclusion in the diet of fatty fish, rich in polyunsaturated acids;
  • Restriction of salt and fluid.

In spite of all imposed restrictions, diet for hypertension should be structured to ensure regular and adequate supply of all vital nutrients and vitamins.

Recommendations by stage of the disease

Hypertension develops gradually and progresses in several stages. The initial stage, when there are only periodic rises of pressure to the low numbers, patients are usually "browsing", and the doctor come to you only when hypertension is already seriously affecting the health, - that is, on the second or third stage.

Therefore, the subject of the article will be recommendations for healthy diet it is during these phases of the disease.

Feed on second stage

The second stage of hypertension is characterized by a persistent rise in blood pressure more than 140/90 mm Hg. article and characteristic changes in the left ventricle of the heart, the state of the fundus, the concentration ability of the kidneys.

The goal of the diet at this stage of hypertension is to reduce the amount of saturated fats and carbohydrates, therefore, the selection of products for an organizationnutrition patients need to pay attention to the degree of saturation is harmful for hypertensive patients substances.

Diet for hypertension 2 degree is determined based on changes in the condition of heart, vascular and kidneys.

Patients are recommended the following products:

  • Lean meat;
  • Good sea fish;
  • Low-fat milk, dairy products;
  • Cereals made from whole grains (buckwheat, oats, rice, wheat);
  • Vegetable soups and borscht, ear;
  • Limited consumption of soups and borsch on the meat broth (no more than twice a week);
  • Any fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • Pickles according to the season;
  • Refined vegetable oil;
  • Nuts.

Since in the second stage of hypertension it is important to restrict fluid intake, while calculating its allowed daily amount will have to be taken into account and entrees.

Salt intake should be reduced to two to three grams a day: dishes to add salt very sparingly, and during exacerbation of the disease not to stick with salt-free diet.

Unsalted or salted foods and foods low in salt will help get rid of excess fluid in the body, which leads to the formation of edema.

The list of banned products includes semi-finished products, any sausage, meat and fish specialities, canned food, fried foods, alcohol, natural coffee, cocoa, butter cakes, purchased chocolate.

Because Smoking triggers vasospasms have to completely give up cigarettes or at least to limit their number to a minimum.

Drinking regime in the second stage of hypertensive disease must also be strict enough: it is necessary to limit the amount of liquid up to half liter a day, giving preference to organic juices, compotes, fruit drinks, green tea.

Feed on the third stage

Because the pathological changes in the vascular system, heart, eyes and kidneys are already pronounced food at much elevated pressure in the final stage of hypertension is characterized by even more restrictions in the diet.

So, should be completely excluded any products that contain animal fat and harmful cholesterol: these include butter, dairy products, meat, chicken with the skin.

It is advisable to switch to a vegetarian diet, including low fat foods, lots of vegetables and fruits, vegetable refined oil, the water and vegetable broth.

Drink (including first courses) per day must be not more than one litre: patients can offer fresh natural juices, unsweetened fruit drinks, fruit drinks, herbal teas to reduce high pressurewhat is also included in the basis of nutrition in hypertension.

Alcohol and tobacco are excluded altogether.

How to eat during crises

Diet for hypertension during crises should contribute to the early reduction of high pressure, but because there are rules:

  • The complete exclusion from the diet of meat products and soups;
  • Salt-free diet for the duration of the crisis;
  • Reduced to a minimum (no more than liters per day) quantity of liquid;
  • Smaller meals 4-5 times a day;
  • Cooking for a couple, the extinguishing products.

A great help in the treatment of high blood pressure be herbal teas and dishes of vegetables and fruits that are beneficial for blood vascular.

Patients can be recommended:

  • Dishes of boiled beets (in salads, stews, soups);
  • Compote of dried apricots, raisins, dried fruit;
  • Dishes of beans;
  • Unsalted seeds, nuts;
  • Bananas, fruit salads from them and other fruits, dressed with lemon juice, honey.

Decoctions of hawthorn, shepherd's purse, Arnica, cottonweed, chokeberry well regulate vascular tone and help to normalize high blood pressure.

Good calming and pressure reducing action have mint, motherwort, Valerian. Decoctions of them can be included in the menu of patients, replacing them some tricks of the liquid.

Pronounced and persistent effect of pressure reduction in a beetroot the juice of raw or boiled beets. Drink a glass a day, adding a spoonful of honey.

Bland and not very tasty diet options, you need to season with spices, herbs, garlic and onion: the doctors recommend to add to food turmeric, Cayenne pepper, parsley, dill, cilantro.


Food for hypertension involves fasting days, when patients receive during the day only two or three of the product: for example, it can be boiled without salt rice and stewed fresh or dried fruit, apples, grated carrots and beets.

During the fasting days the patients get rid of swelling as included in the menu products have a pronounced diuretic effect. Low calorie of this diet allows you to lose weight, but also affects the health, softens for hypertension.

Not disregard medical dietary recommendations if you are diagnosed with hypertension, i.e., a balanced diet will significantly improve your condition and help effectively control the disease.

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