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Select compression underwear for varicose veins


Varicose veins - not an aesthetic flaw, but a serious illness could lead to disability. Often, when the disease is not yet accompanied by severe pain and skin lesions, he was not paying attention, or trying to treat themselves with ointments. The latter are only an additional tool and not to stop the disease or to prevent its development can not.

Compression hosiery promotes healing much more effective.

The mechanism of varicose veins

Most often, it means the enlargement of veins, as this area of the body is exposed to lose the fastest. The same happens with the veins of the pelvis, and the uterus, which is much more painful and dangerous.

компрессионное белье

Over surface veins the skin ulcerate, the defeat of the deep veins accompanied by severe pains. If the disease reaches the stage of emergence of trophic ulcers, shown even surgery, so there is a great danger for life.

The effect of medical knitwear

Compression garments in the treatment performs the following tasks:

  • reduces the cross-section of the vessel by mechanical compression;
  • redistributes blood between superficial and deep veins, exerting an indirect influence on the latter;
  • improves microcirculation, preventing stagnation in the capillaries;
  • removes swellings and prevents their appearance;
  • to a large extent suppresses pain syndrome by reducing edema.

Compression: principle of operation

Depending on the severity of the illness taking various measures. However, the obvious is the fact that creams and ointments in this case are completely useless. The maximum that can make the cream reduce the swelling and relieve the feeling of heaviness. For the relief of symptoms in the early stages of varicose veins, this tool is valid.

For effective treatment and as a preventive measure, it is important to provide permanent or long-term mechanical compression of the superficial veins. Compression works on this principle.

Why should only apply compression stockings, and not pantyhose with a high lycra content and, accordingly, applies pressure? It's simple: a special underwear ensures the pressure of different degrees on different areas.

  • Feet, ankles and lower part of the ankle - here the pressure maximum is up to 100%. In this area the congestion is greatest and the pressure least. Mechanical compression reduces the working lumen of the vascular and literally pushes the bloodup.
  • The upper third of the leg and knees - here the compression is 70%.In this area the number of surface veins are smaller, so more important is a uniform redistribution of blood between superficial and deep veins. Unlike regular tights, compression underwear has an impact on deep-lying vascular.
  • Thigh - the minimum pressure 40%. Superficial veins are not available, to affect them almost impossible. However, considerable support for the General tone supports the activation of microcirculation.

Compression hosiery is appointed at any stage of the disease as an adjuvant with drug therapy in the prevention. During pregnancy and excess weight linen class 1 compression to wear without waiting for the advice of a physician or the onset of symptoms.

Classes products

Compression hosiery is made from fibers with a high degree of flexibility - spandex, nylon, microfiber. Also used cotton: natural fibers prevent possible allergic reaction.

At different stages of disease require different levels of compression, so the products are distinguished by the compression class. The latter is measured in mm of mercury. article

  1. not more than 23 mm of mercury. article the Product is used in the early stages, the appearance of spider veins, swelling, pain after the working day. Compression stockings class 1 is used in the prevention.
  2. 33 mm. Hg. article tights and socks are appointed for 2 and 3 stages characterized by permanent swelling, pain at night and swelling of the veins.
  3. 45 units, is used for lesions of deep-lying veins, the elongation of the superficial pigmentation of the skin. Usually a compression garment to carry and significantly reduces pain.
  4. more than 50 is recommended in severe lesions with ulceration of the skin, severe pain and the risk of bleeding. With open trophic ulcers wearing therapeutic underwear is impossible.

Compression class recommended by the doctor-phlebologist. To determine the required pressure is impossible.

Types of medical hosiery

Compression underwear for varicose veins most often takes the form of tights. However, this form is not always applicable. It is difficult to imagine a man in tights therapeutic, although the statistics dilatation observed in each 10 male.

  • The tights completely fit the feet, end up high on the waist - low landing here. Product difficult to put on: despite the high degree of elasticity of the material to stretch the tights as it does with conventional product, it is impossible.
  • Stockings model more convenient for pregnant and just fat women because it does not provide pressure on the abdomen. The male versionproducts is called boots and you'll be partially closed foot.
  • Knee - appointed with the localization of varicose veins in the legs. Socks men prefer.
  • Leg warmers - different from Golf is not a fully closed stop. Since on your toes and heels hosiery wear out the fastest, leggings, generally more durable. Compression stockings of this kind used at the initial stages of the disease.
  • Elastic bandage - allows you to create pressure on any area, when it is I affecting neighbouring. Prescribed for severe varicose veins, when skin ulcers not allow you to wear a full compression garment. To use bandages all the time is not recommended: the compression ratio here depends entirely on the willingness and effort of the patient.


Compression stockings even more demanding than usual. Simple knitted netting involves stretching the material while medical linen should exert pressure.

  • Golf when you choose, you must know the circumference of the tibia at its narrowest - the ankle and the widest part, and the amount of legs under the knee and the length from the foot to the knee.
  • Stockings - the added volume of the thigh at the height of 25 cm from the knee and the length of the legs to the level of the gum stocking.
  • Pantyhose - in addition to the above, you need to specify the waist and hips.

If compression hosiery class 1 still permits some approximation in the parameters, articles 3 and 4 of the class when the wrong definition of size will simply not be able to wear.


There are some diseases, which may be combined with varicose veins, but this compression as a means of treatment, is excluded.

  • Atherosclerosis - chronic inflammation of the arteries in which vessel walls are formed seal. Compression here leads to a further reduction of working section, which is unacceptable.
  • Obliterans - inflammation of the veins and arteries, characterized by blood clots in both systems. Thrombophlebitis venous (not acute), medical tights allowed.
  • Vasculitis of different shapes - if the disease are the arteries, they become narrower and additional pressure can lead to blockage.

Relative contraindications are diseases of the skin: if on areas with varicose veins are observed open sores, rashes, skin inflammation, the use of compression underwear is postponed to get rid of skin diseases.

Diabetes in many cases leads to a change in vascular. It will require a preliminary survey and consultation.

Guidelines for choosing products

To choose the form of hosiery - tights, stockings, socks, can according to their own preferences and localization of the disease. Other factors must be taken into account more strictly.

  • Class of compression - if linen is chosen as a preventive measure, you should choose 1 class. To prevent varicose veins, and subject to sufficient physical activity, of course, that's enough. If the disease has passed the stage 0-1, grade compression specifies specialist.
  • Pressure compression creates very tangible. If the disease has reached stage 3, and the experience of wearing compression underwear not, at first, can be observed even painful, and outright inconvenience. This will have to get used to: the result of wearing is much greater than the inconvenience.
  • Information about pressure products seems to be pretty accurate. article No other units do not apply. If the tights to the degree of compression indicated in the day - it's a fake.
  • Labeling should include a notice of compliance with the standard RAL-GZ 387, should also be marked hypoallergenic.
  • A preferable convex-knit without seams - they can irritate sensitive skin.
  • For pregnant women developed special models - stockings with a rubber band, with a corset belt and so on. During this period, from tights should be abandoned.

Compression underwear for varicose veins - an excellent supplementary tool which cannot be neglected. Good product and as prophylaxis. In the early stages the treatment may be entirely confined to wearing a special Jersey.