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Cholesterol plaques in blood vessels: causes of formation, symptoms and how to get rid of them


Life in modern cities makes the person eat fast, and you cannot avoid quality loss. Resulting from the consumption of fatty food to form plaque in the blood vascular - they are the leading cause of death from cardiovascular disease. Often, clogged blood vascular of the cervical spine. This leads to poor blood flow to the brain.

As for the lower limbs, blockage of the arteries can lead to varicose and other unpleasant consequences. If you find the symptoms indicating the appearance of plaques, please contact the clinic.

Atherosclerotic changes of the neck and the lower extremities becomes difficult to remove. Easier to prevent their appearance - then don't have to start expensive treatment.

What are the cholesterol plaques

The blockages in our body leads to excessive consumption of cholesterol. This substance, by the way, can be harmful and useful. Cleaning it of good cholesterol is not required - this substance has no relationship to cholesterol plaques in blood vascular. A much greater danger is the harmful cholesterol derived from animal products.

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The structure of the substances differs significantly. Plaques have sticky and viscous microstructure that allows them to attach to the inner walls of the arteries of the heart, lower extremities, neck and other parts of the body.

The worst consequences are seen in the neck - diameter of the vascular decreases here, and is accelerated clogging. The treatment will depend on the extent of damage of the arteries.

Here are the main characteristics of the plaques:

  • stickiness;
  • density (consistency resembles wax);
  • a gradual increase in size;
  • the ability to attract particles of calcium.

The reasons for the formation of plaques

The opinions of experts about the nature of the disease was divided. Someone plays the role of a bad environment, some incorrect nutrition. The heart has a lot of potential enemies, and cholesterol is just one of them. Of course, before you begin cleaning, you need to understand the etiological causes.

Consider key factors:

  • primary endothelial dysfunction (failure occurs when the violation of the functionality of the vascular walls);
  • infiltration of lipoproteins (these substances accumulate in specific fractions of the neck vascular, heart, etc.);
  • autoimmune factor (veins and arteries infiltrated by white blood cells in combination with macrophages);
  • viral theory(vascular lesions of the spine and of the cervical triggered by viruses - herpes, cytomegalovirus);
  • monoclonal variant (pathology trigger smooth muscle cells);
  • influence of antioxidants and peroxide radicals;
  • the detrimental effect of microorganisms (chlamydia);
  • inherited disorders of vascular integrity;
  • hormonal disruption (cholesterol synthesis increases dramatically with the release of adrenocorticotropic and gonadotropic hormones).

Further development and potential threats

A number of factors, superimposed on each other, can accelerate the process of plaque formation. In this case, the treatment neck may need sooner than you think. This also applies to the lower limbs together with other potentially disadvantaged areas. Cleaning may be required if the patient is in one of the risk groups.


List the factors of predisposition:

  • hypertension;
  • Smoking;
  • obesity;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • lack of exercise;
  • stress, emotional stress;
  • improper diet;
  • hyperlipoproteinemia;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • the presence in the urine of homocysteine;
  • high fibrinogen level (this requires the purification of the blood);
  • postmenopause.

The formation of plaques in the blood vascular occurs in several stages. The process progresses rapidly, and in some cases the treatment does nothing. Growths on the endothelium is formed not only from the cholesterol - involved protective cells, foreign substances and lipids.

Fatal changes affect all organs of the human body, so to get rid of the plaques on the blood vascular is vital.

Clinical symptoms in youth are not traced. The process is exacerbated in old age the arterial Lumina are narrowed so that doctors state of acute circulatory failure. The affected area of the spine and of the cervical begin to cause distress. If the vascular in a timely manner to clean flashes of pain.

There are three scenarios of possible consequences:

  1. Cholesterol deposits in the cervical spine grow to a certain size, after which their activity becomes zero. This is the most favorable prognosis and clinical symptoms may not occur and cleaning is not required.
  2. The lumen of the bloodstream slowly filled with sediments. Blood circulation worsens, plaques in the blood vascular of the brain and neck lead to oxygen starvation. Chest burn with pain stress. If growths are not removed - you will be sadforecast.
  3. The worst prognosis doctors do in the case of a growing plaque suddenly breaks. The phenomenon is similar to a stroke (atherosclerosis of the brain and neck). Can occur and extreme ischemic stage of heart attack.

Since we're talking about predictions, let's list the three types of diseases, which can cause plaque in the blood vascular. This pathology of the circulatory system, coronary disease and cerebral lose blood supply networks, as well as vascular of the neck.

For the lower limbs the prognosis is more favorable, because there the gaps wider (in comparison with the whiplash). Visible enlargement of the neck vascular plays a cruel joke with the diagnosis - to identify the symptoms of the disease and dissolve plaque there is much more complicated.

Symptoms of occurrence of plaque

Atherosclerosis is stretched for a long time, so most people do not know that they have problems with the blood vascular.

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The problem is compounded by adverse factors (stress, physical activity, high blood pressure).

If purification is not conducted in a timely manner, there may be gaps and cracks. The process of narrowing begins to progress, so getting rid of plaque becomes even harder.

At 60-percent blockage of these signs:

  • impaired memory;
  • headaches;
  • fatigue;
  • dizziness;
  • dysfunction of the senses ("flies" before the eyes, decreased visual acuity, hearing impairment);
  • a feeling of heaviness;
  • mental disorders, emotional instability.

The symptoms also affects the localization of plaques. If a blockage occurs in the lower extremities, should look at the fatigue of the legs and other symptoms of varicose. The defeat of the cervical cause a problem with the brain.

Artery leading to the heart, when a blockage cause the whole bouquet of illnesses:

  • heart failure;
  • angina;
  • myocardial infarction;
  • sudden death;
  • arrhythmia.

How to get rid of

To get rid of plaques in different ways. The first option involves the purification by means of injection of growth AD. Fabric feed thanks to the powerful blood flow. But there is also a downside - the formation of new plaques. Therefore, the cleaning turns into a looped process.

Cleaning and strengthening are carried out with the following medications:

  • the ion exchange resin;
  • fibrates;
  • nicotinic acid;
  • statins;
  • fish oil;
  • vitamins.

Just clean vascular is not enough - you need to give them back the strength and elasticity. In the future, to their own body should be treated carefully. Our body is a complex system, which clog very easily. The cure is much more difficult.

Preventive measures

By the way, about the attitude of the body. Developed a set of preventive measures, observing that, you will avoid difficulties with the vascular. It has been observed that followers of a vegetarian diet and a healthy lifestyle to suffer less from blockage of blood vascular.

It follows a few common sense tips:

  • limit consumption of animal fats (butter, cod liver, egg yolks, fat, fat meat, offal);
  • stop eating all the smoked and grilled;
  • go to a fractional frequent meals;
  • enter in the diet of dairy products;
  • eat plant-based foods, dried fruits and seafood.

If the disease has already infiltrated your arteries, increase the proportion of fruit and vegetables in your diet. Try to stick to recommended proportions of height and weight. Discard bad habits and engage in physical therapy.

The sooner you think about your life, the lower the probability that in old age you die of a heart attack.