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What is the vascular Genesis of the brain


Diseases caused by blood circulation disorders in the brain, unfortunately, quite a lot, and they manifest themselves diversely. The most lightweight of them are expressed with only a headache and some neurosis-like disorders, and it so happens that these are only symptoms of the disease and limited.But severe cases need treatment and very long.

Diseases of vascular origin

It should be clarified: vascular Genesis is an indication of the origin of the disease, not the disease itself. Speaking of brain diseases of vascular origin mean changes associated with blood circulation in the venules, arteries, veins and so on.

Divide these violations into several main groups

Very often this type of pain occurs in the morning. This is due to the fact that venous blood flow is more efficient in an upright position.

In the supine position, sitting with head bowed low, outflow is difficult, so changes in venous blood flow are accompanied by insomnia and the "heavy head" after sleeping.

It is obvious that the treatment of such opposite diseases of vascular origin should be carried out by different methods.

Pseudoabstinence syndrome

Another characteristic feature of changes in the circulation of the brain are mental disorders of vascular origin. Symptoms coincides with the classical picture, but there are changes as a result of violations of blood circulation.

Accordingly, treatment only mental component will not lead to the expected result: in this case, the disorder is a secondary disorder.

  • Very often in the background of a headache and feeling of heaviness in the head having sleep disorders. As a rule, the sleep surface, for a short 3-4 hours, accompanied by natural weakness and as "weakness". If the cause is poor venous blood flow, physical activity much faster results health to normal.
  • Sensitivity to stimuli - sound, light, at times even pale.
  • Tearfulness, irritability, erratic attention. And the patient clearly aware of the pain state.
  • Difficult the memorization of new events, their fixation, often disturbed the chronological orientation: it is difficult to remember the number, day, date event.
  • Search small items - glasses, keys, notebooks, is associated with the failure to perceive certain objects within the field of view.
  • With further development of diseases of vascular origin possible personality changes - a kind of sharpening of the most striking traits. In this caseincrease stanichnyi structure - self-doubt, anxiety, suspiciousness. Gloomy discontent surrounding becomes almost constant. On the personality changes significantly affects the nature of the vascular process: arterial hypertension, location of focal lesions in the brain and so on.

Unlike true mental disorders, treatment of diseases of vascular nature mainly medical methods, and quite successfully.

Treatment of diseases

Treatment of vascular disorders is aimed essentially at eliminating atherosclerosis and hypertension. Important regime and nutrition, and medication.

  • If the changes are relatively small, the day mode is changing a little: it is recommended that calm, lack of stress, a feasible exercise. When strong disturbances in the blood vascular of the brain, for example, during a transient, the patient needs bed rest until neurological symptoms - nausea, severe dizziness.
  • Power regulation is very important: the fact that the provocateurs of changes often become disorders of lipid metabolism. To bring it back to normal, required treatment menu, and medication.
  • Treatment with medicines depends on the lesion and the nature of the violations. When arteriohepatic option prescribed ergotamine, sumatriptan, if insufficient venous outflow - xanthine type medicines: pentoxifylline, eufillin. If the changes caused by arteriopathies violations, effective drugs antispasmodic of some - but-shpa, papaverine.

Surgical treatment is prescribed for atherosclerosis, when there is a need to remove atherosclerotic plaques.

Diseases of vascular origin is very diverse and very common, sadly. However, timely diagnosis and treatment to get rid of this problem or at least significantly reduce the consequences is possible.