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Causes and treatment of atherosclerosis of vessels of head


Atherosclerosis, affects the blood vascular of the brain, is a chronic disease in which the inner walls of arteries deposited lipid plaque. Subsequently, these plaques grow and replaced by connective tissue.

Narrowing of the arterial lumen prevents the normal blood flow to brain tissue and provokes a number of unpleasant consequences. Read more about the causes, symptoms and treatments of multiple sclerosis we tell in this article.

The reasons for the development

Scientists continue to investigate the causes of this severe pathology. There are several dominant theories that explain the appearance of atherosclerosis:

  • genetic;
  • infectious;
  • peroxide;
  • carbohydrate;
  • immunological;
  • lipid.

The lipid theory sees the main cause in the disruption of cholesterol exchange. It is known that the morphological development of the disease is divided into several stages, which we will write later.

Risk factors

The risk groups are patients of Mature age (40-45 years). However, atherosclerosis can cause and other factors.

стадии атеросклероза

Here is their list:

  • alcohol dependence;
  • Smoking;
  • hyperlipidemia (high concentration of cholesterol in the blood);
  • hypertension (and other vascular pathology);
  • obesity;
  • frequent stressful situation;
  • physical inactivity (sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work);
  • genetic predisposition;
  • age and gender (the disease is more common in older women);
  • hormonal imbalances;
  • diabetes.

After 55 years, the probability of defeat of vascular increases dramatically - especially among women. Young people are susceptible to atherosclerosis to a small extent.

The symptoms and stages of development

Signs of atherosclerosis of cerebral vascular is rather varied. The clinical picture is of a sluggish nature and is divided into several basic stages:

  • Stage the first. Pupils react poorly to light reflexes are asymmetric and pathological.
  • Stage two. A decrease of working capacity, the will and the memory are violated, worsening cognitive function. Numerous mini-strokes provoke fainting and paralysis.
  • Stage third. Cognitive function is disrupted, brain tissue is severely damaged.

To identify the problem at an early stage, you need to be aware of its manifestations.


The development of atherosclerosis

The symptoms are as follows:

  • headache (dull and stupid) gradually increases and delivers constant discomfort;
  • tiny flies, flickering before eyes;
  • dizziness and ringing in the ears;
  • severe problems with motor skills (coordination of movements);
  • tottering gait;
  • sweating and red face;
  • disturbed sleep (patient often awakens in the night, sleeping restlessly, sees nightmares);
  • chin, hands and head shaking frequently;
  • the overall rate of movement is slowed down;
  • the shape of the pupil changes, they begin to tremble;
  • the veins of the fundus are narrowed and become more winding;
  • a person can become asymmetric;
  • cholesterol levels in the blood rise;
  • the pulse in the neck increases (the blood pressure may be normal).

Some changes can be traced in the behavior of the patient. Appears excessive suspiciousness, mood for no apparent reason is disturbing. The nature of the patient becomes irascible, relatives of the patient noted increased his curmudgeonly and the desire to nitpick. These patients are prone to prolonged depression.

Atherosclerosis can lead to dementia (dementia). At this stage the patient does not remember the incoming information, can critically evaluate his condition, sloppy stool and maintenance of relatives. Patients experience temporary disorientation (live in their own past, believe that they are 30, not 65).


Modern diagnostic methods allow it to detect atherosclerosis of the brain. There are a number of instrumental and laboratory research, allowing to differentiate the disease:

  • lipid profile (blood test on the subject of cholesterol);
  • ultrasonic duplex scanning (evaluates key parameters of the parent vessel as vertebral, subclavian, carotid arteries, brachiocephalic trunk, atherosclerotic plaque);
  • CT angiography of the cerebral arteries;
  • angiography (the study is radiographic in nature);
  • MRI of the brain;
  • Ultrasound of internal organs and the heart.

It should be noted that the latter method is used in clinics most often. Ultrasound has a complex nature (may include duplex scanning and angiography), but the decision about the specific type of examination is always made by a doctor.


What is usually treated atherosclerosis of the brain? The easiest way to avoid developing this disease - that is, to think in advance about methods of prevention. If the diagnosis is, assigned to a strict diet and medication. Whenthe drugs are divided into several groups.

Patients suffering from harmful addictions (alcohol, Smoking), it is urgent to get rid of these habits. You should limit your own diet (no foods with cholesterol), normalizing blood pressure and sugar levels.


With the ineffectiveness of drug treatment, possible surgical intervention. The indication serves as an ultrasound examination, which revealed a 70% narrowing of the lumen of the cerebral artery. Here it is necessary to consult a surgeon who will choose the type of operation. Most often used for carotid endarterectomy, in which the wall of the affected vessel is cut, the clot is removed, the artery is restored by suturing.

Known cases of vessel resection (surgical removal with subsequent restoration). A good alternative is recognized as balloon angioplasty followed by stenting. The procedure is combined with angiography and is performed under local anaesthetic in nature. The steps in the procedure are as follows:

  • to the site of arterial narrowing, a catheter equipped with a balloon;
  • the balloon is inflated (at the same time the expansion of the artery);
  • set the frame of the vessel.

Proper nutrition

A balanced diet combined with drug treatment can give very good results.

We have prepared special material about which need a diet in atherosclerosis that would cause the vascular to normal.

It is necessary to enter in the daily diet the following products:

  • fresh vegetables and fruits (cabbage is especially appreciated);
  • marine fish;
  • seafood;
  • dried fruits;
  • nuts;
  • bird;
  • vegetable oil;
  • berries.

There is another category of products - those that are absolutely contraindicated in atherosclerosis.

Here is their list:

  • fatty varieties of meat (beef, pork);
  • pickles;
  • salt;
  • heavy cream;
  • milk;
  • meats;
  • the food, prepared by the method of roasting;
  • animal fats.

Meals should be fractional (it is better to eat 5-6 times, reducing batch dose than densely "fill" the stomach three times a day). Not recommended meal (any) before bed.


All the drugs to combat atherosclerosis, are divided into four groups. The classification depends on the impact of drugs on certain parts of the body, and is as follows:

  1. Drugs, which aim to prevent the absorption of cholesterol inblood.
  2. Statin drugs - substances that inhibit the synthesis of triglycerides and cholesterol, reduces their concentration in the blood plasma.
  3. Medicines that prints lipoproteins and atherogenic lipids, improves energy metabolism.
  4. Additional drugs (Parmidin, Arginin, Arginin, Vazaprostan).

Separate use of any drug without medical advice is not recommended. List the substances assigned to doctors in such cases:

  • Fezam;
  • Sermion;
  • Piracetam;
  • Pentoxifylline;
  • Trental;
  • Miasm;
  • Vestibul;
  • Galidor.

Folk remedies

To facilitate health, you can resort to folk remedies - most of them are always at hand. Here are a few simple recommendations:

  1. Every day eat a tablespoon of freshly squeezed potato juice.
  2. Try during the day to drink some oil (couple of tablespoons will be enough).
  3. Mix honey and chopped garlic, and then consume this mixture on a teaspoon before meals.
  4. Eat more raw onion.
  5. Eat right - follow the lack of fatty foods in your diet.

There are more sophisticated recipes of traditional healers. Here you have to mix different ingredients:

  1. The horseradish root should grate with grater (250 grams), put it in a pan, pour hot water (3 liters) and bring to a boil. After 20 minutes, the broth is removed from heat. Cool the mixture and removing it from the remnants of hell, eat three times a day half a Cup.
  2. Mix equal proportions of dried apricots, raisins, figs, prunes, and rose hips. Bay cold water, place in the fridge overnight. In a blender grind the mixture and this slurry drink daily tablespoon. The course is 30 days.
  3. Slice a large onion and mix with a glass of sugar. Hide for 3 days in a dark room. The resulting slurry was take 3 hours on one spoonful. The course needs to be stretched for 3 months.

Atherosclerosis of the brain is adjusted and folk remedies based on various medicinal herbs and plant components. The most valuable of them - nard, buckwheat, wild strawberry leaves, plantain, Rowan bark.

We give separate recipes:

  • Dry plantain leaves pour boiling water (250 grams). The resulting broth infused for about 15 minutes and drink in small SIPS (to food over 40 min).
  • Buckwheat flowers (tablespoon) pour boiling water (400 g) and are cleaned in a darkened place. You must wait for the complete cooling of the broth, then strain and consume itthree times a day, 150 gr.
  • Cut strawberry leaf, fill it with boiling water. 20 minutes, the broth should brew, and then you can drink. Periodicity - four times a day. Dose tablespoon.


We already wrote that prevention of atherosclerosis is based on healthy eating and rejection of bad habits. Fat accumulation may have several unpleasant consequences, including the formation of cholesterol plaques. Protein should be ingested, but to draw it the best diet food - beans, beans, soy, fish.

A significant impact on the health of blood vascular and have physical exercise. Regular exercise will strengthen the walls of blood vascular and make them more elastic. Get familiar with the mode of their working day:

  • reduce load;
  • eliminate stress;
  • practice extra NAPs.

Adjust blood pressure checked by a doctor at least once in two years. If you have diabetes strictly control the weight, reduce cholesterol, exercise more intensely. After 45 years regularly pass a comprehensive examination, as you enter at risk. In General, specialists recommend to think about their health at the age of 20 and every 5 years to do biochemical analysis of blood, checking the level of cholesterol.

The main danger of atherosclerosis of the brain - asymptomatic in the early stages. As soon as you find the signs above, without delay, contact the clinic.

In the modern world, atherosclerosis is one of the key causes of mortality. The prognosis of the disease is quite sad, coronary heart disease. In many patients the disease can be prevented - this refers to a genetic predisposition. A healthy lifestyle can delay the onset of the disease and its subsequent aggravation. So you should follow our recommendations.

It is also important to know about the other form of the disease called cerebral atherosclerosis.