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What is angiodystonia of cerebral vessels


The condition, which is characterized by disruption of normal blood flow as a result of violations of vascular tone, called angiodistonia. Disorder of vascular tone is transient in nature and can be localized in the lobular type and have a systemic character.

Varieties of diseases and their classification

Angiodistonia of cerebral vascular in medicine is divided into the following types:

  • by the nature of its flow;
  • the type of localization.
  • origins and causes of disease;
  • the value of blood pressure, the accompanying pathology of vascular tone.

Signs of angiodystonia

Effective treatment of a pathology is impossible without identifying the underlying disease that caused the disruption of blood flow.

The most frequent and typical signs of violations of vascular tone:

головная боль
  • unexplained change in pressure;
  • dizziness;
  • sleep disorders;
  • causeless headaches;
  • the sensation of constant noise in the ears;
  • numbness of the hands or feet.

Headaches are often accompanied by heaviness in the skull and a sharp deterioration of memory. Sometimes there are disorders of the visual and olfactory senses.

Important! A very similar condition is called encephalopathy.

Cerebral angiodystonia

As the name suggests, cerebral pathology localized in the blood vascular of the brain. Characteristic features, indicating a problem with the cerebral circulation, may be the following:

  1. fatigue that does not meet the General physical condition of the patient;
  2. noises, dizziness;
  3. pain in the head.

In many cases, angiodystonia of cerebral vascular caused not only recurrent disease, but unhealthy lifestyles. You should be aware that the treatment had an effect.

The circulation of the brain may deteriorate due to the preference of high-calorie fatty foods, Smoking and alcohol consumption. Often such a simple action as changing the diet in a more healthy direction, can completely relieve the unpleasant symptoms of impaired cerebral circulation.

головная боль

According to statistics, cerebral angiodystonia is the main cause for headaches in young and middle age.

If diagnosed in childhood, the disease can be completely cured. Successful treatment depends ingreater extent on the efficiency of treatment to the doctor and his ability to recognize the characteristics of this vascular pathology.

Doctors tend to take a system state of a blood flow not to a single disease, but rather to collateral for such diseases as migraine, allergic reactions, endocrine disruption and gastrointestinal pathology.

Methods and ways of diagnostics

As typical signs of the disease manifest themselves in the complex, diagnosis is not a complex task. Successful treatment depends on timely detection of the clinical picture, as well as from the separation of the signs of illness with psychosomatic symptoms.

The complex of measures for the diagnosis of disorders of vascular tone consists of the following procedures:

диагностика мозга
  • the study of the actual condition of the vascular of the brain with the help of reoentsefalografii;
  • Ultrasound, peripheral and arterial vascular;
  • electrocardiogram for the study of the dynamics of the process;
  • electroencephalography.

After establishing a reliable picture of violations of vascular tone, the doctor prescribes treatment and makes recommendations about changes in lifestyle to more healthy. As vascular pathology is often a recurrent disease, the main efforts should be directed to the deliverance from the main affliction.

Treatment of angiodystonia

The choice of therapy for pathology of blood vascular focused mainly on the normalization of vascular tone. This treatment allows you to remove the unpleasant symptoms typical of this disease.

In order to bring the blood flow back to normal, your doctor may recommend the patient a course of special physical therapy. This approach contributes to the training of vascular reactions and recovery of the organism as a whole.

To get rid of unpleasant consequences of a breach of vascular tone, we have to review the whole regime. The correct sequence of cycles of work and rest, proper and regular meals, gentle constant exercise and exposure to fresh air relieves of the symptoms of the disease. Also recommended a complete rejection of bad habits.

Treatment of pathology can be developed only on an individual basis, taking into account the underlying disease of the patient.

Selection of medicines and medical procedures performed by doctor after a detailed examination with the patient. In the case when the symptomatic treatment of angiodystonia enters in contradiction with the underlying disease, itshould be abandoned.

The clinical manifestations of the disease in combination with the patient's response to selected treatment completely dictate medical tactics.

Ways to prevent

In order to avoid symptoms of angiodystonia, you need to constantly conduct the correct way of life. Lots of rest, eat properly and exercise in the fresh air - it will bring your blood to the ideal mind and will not develop the disease.

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