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Minor stroke symptoms and the first signs


Transient ischemic attack - this is the official name life-threatening condition, which is one of the first places among neurological diseases. In life it is a mini stroke - signs of circulatory disorders in the brain and will be the subject of the article.

Where thin, there and tear

Stroke is the rupture of small vascular due to the formation of blood clots in them. Circulating blood is trying to push the clot from the affected vessel, which wall is increased pressure. The result is a gap in the place that is most weakened and thinned.

Small vascular heal faster, so the blood flow in them is restored in a matter of hours. That is why the symptoms of stroke disappear completely, and significantly improved well-being.

Modern methods of treatment of minor stroke not only contribute to the rapid recovery of patients after an ischemic attack, but are also reliable measures of prevention of rupture of blood vascular in the future.

For treatment with drugs that help to enlarge the lumen of blood vascular, prevents blood clots, improves memory and attention, as well as the supply of oxygen to the brain.

Appointed and angioprotectors - drugs that protect the blood vascular from weakness and sudden breaks.

Of course, treatment and prevention of mini-strokes can't be purely medical, as weak and fragile blood vascular - this is largely a problem resulting from lifestyle.

To protect their vascular, we need to reconsider old habits, abandoning harmful, to optimize the mode of the day and nutrition, physical and mental stress.

Mini-strokes - last warning the body of impending danger so it's important to take all measures to minimize trouble in the future. Only the timely medical assistance and the system of preventive measures can prevent serious consequences in the future.

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