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The causes and methods of preventing rosacea on the face


Rosacea is often manifested by vascular disease, which is that in the face dilate, becoming visible, blood vascular. Cold can be confused with rosacea blush, but in a warm and light look "spots" that are formed by vascular, how much less presentable.

To resolve this problem, it is recommended that a holistic approach - a combination of self-care for the skin with a trip to the beautician or your doctor (might need a visit to an endocrinologist, gynaecologist or enterology).

What is it?

As research shows that rosacea is not an independent disease, but only one of the stages in the development of rosacea, it is rosacea. This pathology develops gradually, and therefore, without proper treatment, can progress, begin to fester and spread not only on the face but on other parts of the skin. Because it is so important to promptly deal with this problem, eliminating it in the early stages.

How to manifest?

Visually, the problem manifests itself in the form of spider veins capillaries, spider veins, and redness of the skin. Most often this manifests itself on the wings of the nose, cheeks or chin. Much less rosacea can be seen on his forehead. The color of the skin may vary from pale red through to bluish-red depending on at what stage is the disease. The affected areas are in sharp contrast with healthy skin. Sometimes together with spider veins on the skin can appear the characteristic nodules.

Causes of

There are a number of reasons may appear with rosacea.

  • Heredity. Sometimes people have fragile capillaries from birth. As a result, they quickly lose their elasticity and this problem occurs.
  • The skin type. Than is more thin, light and dry is the skin, the greater the likelihood that rosacea will manifest itself. Because the skin which are normal, dense and dark enough, provides adequate protection for the capillaries, and rosacea occurs less frequently.
  • The external impact. One of the main causes of rosacea. First, it is the temperature conditions. Cold and wind can adversely affect your blood vascular. Worst of all - when there is a sharp change of temperature, for example, when the person was in a warm room, and then abruptly stepped out into the cold street. The vascular, which was expanded from the heat, begin to dramatically shrink. If this happens too often, they get overworked and lose their elasticity. The same problem mayarise from frequent visits to saunas or even hot showers. Secondly, the problem may trigger excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, so being under the scorching sun too is also not recommended.
  • Bad habits. Couperose skin can occur with constant use of alcohol and also with Smoking. Another negative factor is the excessive consumption of spicy and pungent food.
  • Disease. The cause of rosacea can be irregularities in functioning of any systems of the human body. For example, problems with the digestive system. Another, more rare but possible variant is an infection of microscopic mites.
  • Other. There are other factors that may adversely affect the General condition of the skin. These include the abuse of alcohol lotions and scrubs, too harsh towels and sponges for washing and so on.


To avoid the introduction and further development of rosacea, you should avoid a large number of unnecessarily extreme temperatures - try not to go out into the cold after a stay in a warm room, not pre-warmed face. Do not overuse the saunas and steam rooms, and solariums.


Wash is warm or cool, but not overly hot or cold water. If you still need to go to the sauna, the steam is at a lower temperature, and the person, if possible, cover the bath towel. Also should not be abused by inhalation.

Treatment of folk remedies

The first thing a resort in need of treatment of rosacea is folk remedies. It is important to remember that any remedy can not be compared in efficiency with a trip to the doctor, but it can also be an extremely effective interim measure.

  • Chamomile tonic. You need to add in a pint of water two tablespoons of chamomile (pharmacy). After the fluid infusion, needs to wipe her face twice a day. On a similar principle apply chamomile compresses only the liquid need not just to wash but to DAB her bandages or cotton (or better - a soft sponge, not to unnecessarily injure the skin), then applied to problem place for ten minutes. After that you should wash with cool water.
  • A raw potato. Grate raw potato (definitely clean) on a small grater and apply the resulting mush face. In ten minutes it can be removed by using the above-described infusion of chamomile.
  • Mask.You need to take a teaspoon of vegetable oil (any will approach, for example, grape seed or flax) and mix with a spoon of lanolin and also with a small amount of talc or starch. This mask applied on the face for ten to fifteen minutes and wash off with warm water.
  • Berry mask. For its preparation you need to grind into a puree berries such as lingonberries, strawberries, sea-buckthorn and raspberries, then add to it a teaspoon of potato starch. This mask is applied on face for fifteen minutes, then rinse.
  • Fruit mask. Similarly to the above berry mask, just apply mashed to pulp fresh fruit - will fit virtually any fruit that you have available.
  • Gadgets. You can do both hot and cold lotions. Hot gadgets are made for three minutes, not more, of a decoction of rosemary or nettle. Mandatory requirement - should be boiled for a decoction at least five minutes. The cold lotion made from cooked within twenty minutes of the decoction of the flowers of horse chestnut, sage or bark. Applied a lotion for five minutes. The most effective method is to alternate these gadgets, ending on cold, which you apply not at five and ten minutes. This is particularly effective method if one of the causes of rosacea was the cooling of the skin.

Treatment with makeup

The easiest way to cope with rosacea is the application of appropriate cosmetics. In pharmacies and various specialized stores sell special cream-rosacea effect. They can effectively reduce the pressure of blood on capillary walls, stimulate the blood circulation.

Perfect essential oil, such as, witch hazel, lavender, juniper, thyme, pine, St. John's wort and rosemary.

It is very important to moisturize the skin. Good greasy protective cream containing such an element as keratoplasty, can strengthen the skin and this will reduce the chance of developing rosacea.

When selecting cosmetics, you should also consult with your doctor, because for each individual skin type should choose your makeup. The peculiarity of rosacea is that it can appear on any skin - oily, dry or combination. If you are not sure what would work best for you, it is advisable to buy from makeup and first take it to probe and assess how it reacts to the skin.

Do not apply creams and other remedies forhelp rough sponges and brushes. This is best done with delicate movements of the fingers to minimize the possibility of damage to the skin.

There are a number of limitations in the use of drugs. Do not use those that contain in their composition of various perfumes, as well as aloe, clove, eucalyptus, menthol, mint. You should not use that affects the skin too aggressively, in particular, rubbing creams, preparations containing alcohol or fruit acids, as well as the mask of the film.

Medical treatment

There are many different medical treatment methods of rosacea. To choose the most appropriate one, seek advice from your doctor.

  • Electrocoagulation. This is the fastest method of dealing with this problem. The principle of this procedure is to the desired vessel supplied to the face of the needle, through which are passed electric current. The vessel is destroyed. Negative - on the skin can be a needle mark.
  • Photorejuvenation. One of the most progressive methods of struggle with rosacea. It is used the effects of light energy. The result is coagulation of blood vascular, and then they disappear. After this method it is recommended to apply a mud mask, sunscreen, and toning blood vascular, it's not cold, but warm water.
  • Laser. Very effective technique, which helps to get rid of the problem entirely. Risks when carrying out laser treatments (also called laser hardening) is minimal, everything is done quickly and safely. After the procedure it is recommended that the implementation of special skin care for some time.
  • Massage. Not every massage can be useful in rosacea, some of its varieties can only hurt. The exception is the facial massage Spanish technique with deep effect on the Central part of the muscles. Thanks to such massage significantly strengthens the skin.

Food in rosacea

With rosacea, it is necessary to maintain proper nutrition. In particular, it is necessary to use a part of your diet foods that are rich in vitamins C, K, and P. the Minimum is to use hot and spicy. It is also worth less there are tomatoes, sour cream, yogurt, legumes, liver and chocolate. Although citrus fruits contain this important vitamin C, their excessive use will not improve, but rather, will only exacerbate the situation.

It makes sense to abstain from hot drinks and dishes, as well as from alcohol, particularly red wine. Seaweed and viennoiseries, as well as cheese, raisins, bananas and redplum is strongly recommended to eat, as well as marinades.


Although rosacea for many seems to be just a cosmetic defect - it may be hiding a real disease, so we should not ignore the manifestation of it. If possible, talk to your doctor or a specialist beautician who can analyze the situation and prescribe the right course of treatment that will help to get rid of the problem in the shortest period of time.

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