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Symptoms and signs of hemorrhagic stroke


During a stroke there is a sharp violation of blood circulation in the brain. Also due to the rupture or blockage of a vessel in the brain, which is responsible for the supply of blood to a particular area of the brain.

Scientific studies have proven that the sooner a stroke affects men, but women are half of humanity a lot of suffering from this disease. Therefore, each it is necessary to know the first signs of stroke to provide timely assistance to the sick person, because the delay in this case is unacceptable.

The first signs of stroke and the necessary assistance

Before the active development of stroke patient may show signs of the rolling of circulatory disorders of the brain.

Precursors of stroke:

  • a person feels a sudden and inexplicable headache. It appears not due to stress or some other explainable reasons;
  • there is dizziness, lose coordination or balance;
  • can numb some part of the body: the tongue, face, arm or leg, torso. This phenomenon is present on one side of the body on the right or on the left and is accompanied by weakness;
  • sudden deteriorating eyesight. The patient becomes ill see one or two eyes;
  • impaired consciousness and orientation in the environment;
  • it may be a disorder of speech.
инсульт у человека

It is not always possible to determine that the person had a stroke

The above sensations appear and disappear abruptly after a few minutes or hours. And if such attacks are repeated regularly, the person for the year of developing a stroke of varying severity. No need to wait, that everything will end soon, you should immediately call "ambulance".

Before the arrival of the brigade "ambulance", do the following:

  • to reassure the patient and put him to bed. It is desirable that he turned his head to the side. If the person is agitated, constantly persuade him to calm down. Before the arrival of doctors, it cannot be moved to another location;
  • at the head of the victim from a stroke put soaked in cold water towel. Suit and an ice pack or any frozen products;
  • to measure blood pressure. If it is high, you need to give the patient a drug that lowers blood pressure, but drug must be the one that usually takes the patient;
  • to create fresh air into the room. You need to immediately remove the patient from the stuffy, especially smoke-filled room. Be sure to open the window, unbutton constraining clothes breath - need more air.

Signs of stroke in women

Symptoms for both women and men primarily will depend on the part of the brain that were attacked by the disease. If affected his right side, the symptoms of the disease appear in the left half of the body and Vice versa - with the defeat of the left part of the brain changes are felt in the organs which are to the right.

The main symptoms of stroke in women are the following:

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  • unbearable headache without good reason;
  • the face starts to go numb, there is weakness of facial muscles;
  • numb on one side of the body leg and arm;
  • the woman is unable to gesture;
  • it is broken, the patient cannot speak or speaks incoherently, can't understand what they say to her;
  • disturbed vision, until its loss, this is true especially for one eye. Can double vision;
  • disturbed coordination of movements;
  • can be sudden loss of balance in legs, arms or other part of the body appear cramps;
  • the patient may fall, as appears inexplicable dizziness;
  • when a stroke may develop depression and a woman can not control their emotions - crying or laughing for no reason;
  • nausea, even to vomiting, hiccup, fever, disturbed swallowing function;
  • for a short period of time may be loss of consciousness. Before this lady's face turns red, she starts frequently and breathe deeply, the pulse is lowered, and the pupils fail to respond to light.

Signs of stroke in men

The main symptoms in males are virtually such as the women and they include:

  • unbearable suddenly appearing headache that is accompanied by dizziness;
  • sudden weakness that one cannot explain;
  • begins numbing afflicted part of the body. If the left-hand stroke, the pain and numbness felt in the right side of the body, but if disease has touched the right side, then numbness with pain are left;
  • maybe blurred vision and a speech disorder;
  • very often there are cramps, nausea turning into vomiting, increased body temperature, loss of consciousness and even coma.

Types of stroke and related signs

Poor circulation in the brain in hemorrhagic stroke most often appears on the background of increased pressure due to wall rupture of the affected vessel that feeds a certain part of the brain or spinal cord.

The clinical picture of this type of stroke is very clear: suddenly there is a strongheadache, starts vomiting, the patient may lose consciousness, possible convulsions, breathing becomes hoarse.

как распознать болезнь


Such condition appears suddenly in the background of emotional or physical stress, and often during the day. This greatly increases blood pressure. Patients with the formation of intracranial hematoma begins to redden the face on the afflicted side, starts vomiting repeatedly and are frequent convulsions, the consequence of which are paralysis, slurred speech, and paresis.

Symptoms of hemorrhagic stroke in young people

This disease affects not only people of Mature age, and it develops in young people. It is influenced by aneurysm rupture of cerebral vessel, such phenomenon is more often observed at young age. In the brain membrane hemorrhage occurs and you receive the kind of headache that a person is screaming from the unbearable pain.

Then begins vomiting and loss of consciousness, but then the patient regains consciousness. These patients feel constant drowsiness and lethargy, which do not leave them for several days, with a bad headache, possible vomiting, but no paralysis.

Signs of ischemic stroke

This form of the disease is the most frequent form of acute circulatory disorders of the brain. The symptoms are vague and constantly increasing, and this type of disease most often develops in the morning hours. It can affect and stress, and strong physical exercise and an excessive amount of alcohol consumed and the progression of infectious diseases.

Signs of ischemic type of the disease depends on lesions of the vascular of the main pool and the reasons that caused the attack. The reasons include thrombosis, cerebrovascular insufficiency, embolism. Clearly all signs of the disease occur with thromboembolism and embolism of the major cerebral arteries. In this case, the patient abruptly loses consciousness, he had convulsions, disturbed respiration, worsening speech, movement coordination and sensitivity. Can be epileptic seizures.


кровеносный сосуд мозга

With the development of minensota present neurological symptoms of dizziness and headaches, feelings of stupefaction. Disturbed coordination of movements and loss of consciousness. Loss of consciousness is brief, all the symptoms are not very strong and in three weeks statuspatient normal completely.

Spinal stroke

Sometimes this type of stroke, wherein blood circulation in the spine. The disease develops suddenly and this happens when of embolism, spinal injuries, diabetes and many other occasions. During the progression of disease appears back pain of various degrees, paresthesia, disrupts the function of the pelvic organs, the patient begins to limp.

If you have these symptoms, you must immediately seek medical help, because running disease threatens the loss of nerve cells and then there are paralysis and paresis, as well as persistent disorders of pelvic organs.

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The author of the article: Maria Paramonova - neurologist